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Strips 51 to 60

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 April 2011

Strip #51: Only a matter of time

    Blatantly obvious link for those of you that weren't paying attention.

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Strip #52: Wishful thinking

    Today is Valentine's Day?

    Who knew?

    I just like the idea of Stormblade being eaten by a Zombie. More of a dream than an idea really. A good dream – not one of those nightmare thingies. Everything else is just a coincidence and a figment of your imagination. Or both.

    And that's a lot of HoC Live comics in a short period of time. That's how it goes sometimes. I will try to stop having ideas.

    Uhh... links... sure. Try this which should lead you to this. The Stormblade part I came up with on my own.

    I was going to use this card for my Valentine to Guba but I didn't want to become undead quite so soon.

    PS- So I knew it was Valentine's Day. Sue me. I want to stay married.

    PPS- Yes, to Guba.

    PPPS- Shut it.

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Strip #53: Hardwood shot first

    Last Thursday night Hardwood, Graybush, Coxxorz and Blackwalt were in a session of Black Ops where, seriously, every opponent Hardwood ran into killed him. Even though, each and every time, Hardwood shot first.

    He may have mentioned it. A lot. All night.

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Strip #54: Nothing funny here

    Unrelated to anything you may have read on the site.

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Strip #55: Blackwalt needs to be revived

    It was Coxxorz who coined the term "Blackwalt Down" during Sega Night after watching me be revived three times in less than a minute – he revived me twice. This occurred while playing Black Ops last night in the Firing Range map. While I finished with 25 kills (25-7) I spent a lot of time in last stand.

    So much so that when Swag (yes Swag) asked where all the bad guys were Coxxorz told him to look for the little plus sign on the radar that showed where Blackwalt needed to be revived.

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Strip #56: Best be sure

    No text.

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Strip #57: Gotta watch ‘em all

    By request.

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Strip #58: All gassed up

    May be related to the comment for this post.

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Strip #59: A master of home renovation

    Hmmm, what isn't this based on. Connected to this comment that isn't related to this story but probably should be. And there may be a little bit of this in there too.

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Strip #60: Where everyone knows his name

    Don't worry Graybush, we'll all cover for you...

    Because his explanation was not credible. In any way.

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