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Wishful thinking

By Blackwalt - Posted on 14 February 2011

Today is Valentine's Day?

Who knew?

I just like the idea of Stormblade being eaten by a Zombie. More of a dream than an idea really. A good dream – not one of those nightmare thingies. Everything else is just a coincidence and a figment of your imagination. Or both.

And that's a lot of HoC Live comics in a short period of time. That's how it goes sometimes. I will try to stop having ideas.

Uhh... links... sure. Try this which should lead you to this. The Stormblade part I came up with on my own.

I was going to use this card for my Valentine to Guba but I didn't want to become undead quite so soon.

PS- So I knew it was Valentine's Day. Sue me. I want to stay married.

PPS- Yes, to Guba.

PPPS- Shut it.

Coxxorz's picture

The subsequent return of Stormblade... as a zombie.

MauriceRevek's picture

Feed it Stormblade's brain.

Stormblade's picture


MauriceRevek's picture

The implication with starving the zombie by feeding it your brain, was that there would be nothing to eat. You could have figured it out:

[Sings the song from the Wizard of Oz]
If Only You Had a Brain

Stormblade's picture

How can you feed it something that doesn't exist, oh brainless one?

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