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By Blackwalt - Posted on 11 September 2007


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Format: Word/Phrase = Translation/Meaning
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A guy just showed up behind me = I'm dead, you're on your own

Arrrggghhh! = you turned on your night vision goggles while trying to throw a grenade

Clear = not remotely clear

Crap = pressed B button by mistake

Enemy at 2 o'clock = Enemy at 10 o'clock

Fire in the hole = fire in your hole

I can get a grenade in that window, no problem = The entire team is about to die. Make your peace (throw distance in Rainbow while crouched < from standing position)

I going in= I'm dead, you're on your own

I hate you = I hate you

I'll do better this time = I can die in half the time...

I'm heading out, cover me = I am going wherever I like and I expect you to follow even if you don't have any cover

I really hate you = I really hate you

I've got your six = I am looking at your back

GOD DAMN ARRGHH! = someone threw an incendiary grenade and your night vision goggles are still on.

Got him = Got him in my sights and eventually thinking about taking him down before he kills you

Looks clear = where did they come from?

Let's try going in a different way = Let's get killed in a different place this time

New map! = we suck at the old map

Nice shoes = I have been shot and my enemy is tea-bagging me

Notice UNLOCALIZED(Failed to recvfrom() socket, error WSAEMSGSIZE. ) = You guys were so awesome that the server had to boot you!

Oops = Run (really, run)

Rearguard = you don't really have teammates and should watch all directions if you want to stay alive. Oops, too late.

Secure = terrorists can walk through our perimeter and shoot our rearguard in the back

Should be clear now = Should be. Isn't.

That's not where I meant to throw that grenade = You are about to die

Uh-oh... = I just got Rainbow Six Vegas 2 today. (See: What's the button for crouch again?" below)

You lead, Private = I play this way more often than you so I'm a Sergeant and you have to do what I say. And yes, I will laugh at you while standing over your dead body

You take point, I'll cover you = Go ahead and I'll laugh at you while standing over your dead body

What's the button for crouch again? = Get behind me. NOW. (The crouch button in COD2 & 3 = the grenade button in R6V)

Where did that grenade come from? = I'm dead, you're on your own

Whoops = pressed B button by mistake

I've got him = I was going to get him

It's a Rainbow Six Vegas 2 feature = It's a design flaw (see all of our posts about this)

Incoming! = There have been zombies coming into the room I'm standing in for the last few minutes

Catwalk of Hope and Love = The one place of refuge in Der Riese that doesn't result in Death by Zombies before level 10.

Whoah = Graybush has just been overrun by the zombie horde. Call the National Guard. Run for your lives.

The Wisdom of HoC: Words of deep philosophical relevance

• "The worst deaths are the ones you don't survive."
    - MoriceRevek

• "You're DOUBLE gay. Wait– wouldn't that make you straight?"
    - Coxxorz

• "We're sucking like yesterday's diapers."
  - Stormblade

• Coxxorz: "Here we go, everyone knows Capture The Flag."
MoriceRevek: "What do we have to do?"

• Q-bert: "Revek! Stop hoovering all the loot!"
Revek: Don't worry. You can have whatever I can't carry, or can't use.

"I was surrounded! They were behind me in both directions."
- Unknown

Alternate Acronyms for HoC: What does it REALLY stand for?

• Heap of Crap
• Hooked on Crack
• Head fOr Cover
• Hardened Old Canucks
• Hold Our Calls
• Heroes of Canuckistan
• Hooked on Camping
• Horny Old Coots
• Help Our Cause
• Hung-Over Christmas
• Hill of Corpses
• Hard-On Corp.
• House of Commons (eww)
• Higher Order Carnivores
• Harbingers of Coxxorz
• Hunk of Cheese
• Hairballs of Carnage
• Hold On, Charlie!
• Hurl Out Curses
• Hate Other Clans
• Hairy Old Cat
• Heavy On the Chocolate
• Hang-Over City!

HoC Neologisms: Redefining words by changing just one letter

• Inflatte (n.): Starbucks beverage struck by inflation.
• Pylone (n.): Last man standing in a room about to be overrun by zombies. Or Zambonies.
• Ratting (n.): A very poor rating (e.g. anything MoriceRevek chooses on Movie Night).
• Mockracy (n.): The state of a lobby where the next game is decided by who shouts loudest.
• Obsticles (n.): The only thing between you and the Nutshot achievement.
• Denial Floss (n.): "I haven't eaten that much junk food... have I?"
• Prevenge (n.): The act of avenging a fallen teammate... before they die.
• Disnified (adj.): Having dignity and self-respect, despite wearing mouse ears.
• Borkerage (n.): The organization entrusted with finding a financial institution to screw you for the next 25 years.
• Vomints (n.): Those disgusting candies you get at some restaurants that taste like black licorice.

HoC Dictionary: These aren't the definitions you're looking for

Back out (v., imp.): To leave a game lobby due to missing clan members, or burly men on the other team with large, hard rank symbols. See: any of the Call of Duty series.
Camper (n.): A derogatory term given to skilled players of limited mobility.
Cheater (n.): 1. A person who attempts to defeat the game/opponent through nefarious means.
                  2. Anyone who beats us in a fair match.
Faggot (int.): A greeting commonly used in the pre/post-game lobby to endear oneself to other players.
Glitcher (n.): A player who exploits bugs in the game environment to demonstrate that they can't win through fair competition. The lowest form of Cheater.
Griefer (n.): A player who joins your team with the intention of making you lose, as if you needed his help. A clan member on the opposite team from the rest of his clanmates is a sure sign of a Griefer.
Squeaker (n.): A pre-pubescent boy, typically playing an M-rated game, trying out the new words he learned at the playground in a shrill, high-pitched voice.
Strategy (n.): ::::ERROR::::
Whiner (n.): Waaaahhhhh!!!

Stormblade's picture

We need to add this to the lexicon. It's due for an update.

MauriceRevek's picture

Q-Bert: Revek! Stop hoovering all the loot!

Revek: Don't worry. You can have whatever I can't carry, or can't use.

Coxxorz's picture


Stormblade's picture

If so, here's a couple.

Sorry, I meant to miss - I so took you down!

Let [clan member name] finish the challenge - Everyone gang up on said clan member and take them down as often as possible before they can finish the challenge.

Stormblade's picture

Looks quite a lot like Blackwalt.

Except prettier.

MauriceRevek's picture

Q-Bert! Don't move! = Friendly snipper fire to the back of the head.

Stormblade's picture

I left a coded message in the wall = I can't aim and I'm dead

Stormblade's picture

Let's try going in a different way = Let's get killed in a different place this time

Q-Bert's picture

"New Map!" I have heard so many times...

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