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Modern Warfare 3 Trailer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 16 May 2011

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It's a modern warfare type game that takes place in America?


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In fact, we could have the story line go something like this. Pay attention Stormblade, as you need the money to pay for your new cost center.

George Bush refuses to leave office claiming that there is an imminent threat to the security of the nation. He will claim that Obama is really Canadian and declare war on Canada. Canada being perplexed more than usual with George says WTF! An then, the U.S. Calvary is flying into Calgary during the Stampede, pissing off a bunch of cowboys and country music fans.

So, there you go, the invaders will not only have to fight off the local army and militias, etc but also traveling cowboys and country music fans will be taking potshots at them.

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- It will come out somewhere around Nov 11 selling for most likely $70.
- People with no lives will reach prestige within the first 48 hours
- 4 weeks after release date, they will re-release all the old maps for $20 and all the drones with no lives will of course buy it
- 6 weeks after release date, they will release the same Zombie mode for $20 and of course all the same drones with no lives will buy it.
- 8 weeks after release date, they will release one new weapon and helmet and sell it for $20 and of course all the same drones will buy it.
- 10 weeks after release date, they will release ONE new map and sell it for $15 and of course all the drones with no lives will buy it.
- 12 weeks after release date, they will cater to the lonely drones with hairy palms and release a pack that will include several actresses from mainstream hollywood or porn that are the cause of their hairy palms for $30, of course they really have to see these digitized versions of their favorites so they can waste more money on paper towels too.

This will probably happen for several weeks until November 2012 When MW4 comes out and the whole cycle starts over again.

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almost correct

You can already preorder it from futureshite and save $10.

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Modern Warfare doesn't have Zombie Mode!

Treyarch does Zombie Mode. Infinity Ward does not.

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Aku's on to something here. A mini game where you are pornstars fighting off hordes of zombies. Orrrrr... better yet, instead of zombies it's the pornstars that are chasing you. The urge to stop and stare would kill you. Sasha Grey-skin, Tera-ble Patrick, Jesse Brain(eater)... can't think of anything for Jenna Jameson but you know she'd be there.

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As a playable character in the DLC.

Coxxorz's picture your ability to rhyme off pron star names.

How about Jenna Braineson?

According to Wikipedia, she was already in a movie called Zombie Strippers... with Robert Englund!

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Blackwalt is at the adult video store as we speak.

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Plus Zombie Strippers is in regular video stores.

And on a totally unrelated note, here is a picture from my Movies folder:

The ZS could stand for anything...

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you see, Sasha was on Entourage, Tera is married to the singer in Biohazard, Jesse is a regular on the Art Mann show and, well EVERYONE knows Jenna.... and I may have accidentally wandered into the Adult Video Convention when I was in Vegas.

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