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Strips 41 to 50

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 April 2011

Strip #41: Just like being married

    No text.

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Strip #42: So not funny

    No text. Quite intentionally.

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Strip #43: Akuphobia

    One of my readers sent in this idea. Okay, fine, my only reader. Now shut it.

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Strip #44: The first rule of Aku Club


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Strip #45: Ho, ho, ho

    Just remember that it is the season of forgiveness.

    PS- My first revision was too subtle for Coxxorz.

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Strip #46: Knowing who your friends are

    It was a big deal by the way.

    Tradition at our company is to send off departing persons with their own personal front page. The front page "gifted" to me at the Official goodbye event was disappointing to say the least.

    When my Personal Game Reviewer forced out of me what had transpired at the event and not to mention the fact that I had returned my specially mounted page to the Editor with a "thanks but no thanks" message he (Personal Game Reviewer) rewrote my page and hunted down a paginator to have it rebuilt.

    The second presentation at my second goodbye event (the informal one) went over better.

    So thanks. In my own humble way, thanks.

    Bonus quote: when my Personal Game Reviewer saw the original page, "...why didn't anyone talk to me?"

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Strip #47: Dick

    So I discovered there is a difference between topical and seasonal – this may make more sense in a couple of days.

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Strip #48: Boulevard

    I shameless stole the Diner graphic from Designed Yesterday.

    And then horribly vandalized it in Photoshop. My apologies.

    There is a jpg version of just the poster after the jump (if anyone cares) and I have a higher resolution PDF available upon request.

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Strip #49: Blasphemy

    So when (if) I ever end up in front of the Gates to Heaven and St. Peter holds up this comic in front of me I am going to have no choice but to respond "it was Stormblade's fault." At which point he might even open the gates. Not for me, but he might just open them.

    And, surprisingly, I had no idea what to do with the image of Coxxorz on a cross until I saw this (the last photo - you may want to skip all the others) at which point it became blindingly obvious.

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Strip #50: Charlie foxtrot

    Loosely based on the comments from HoC Random Picture of the Day – 02082011. Just in case you didn't figure that out on your own.

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