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Strips 31 to 40

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 April 2011

Strip #31: The zombies are afraid

    This one didn't appear as normal. It came out of the First Edition Cover of The Pink Menace™ leaked online but didn't appear until the Creating the Pink Menace™ comic book cover was posted.

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Strip #32: Three in the back

    Rockstar Games has announced the first FREE DLC content for Red Dead Redemption

    The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack will feature six all-new cooperative multiplayer missions to play with 2-4 players. This will be a completely free download that we will have ready for you to download and play at some time in June.

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Strip #33: A truly dark ceremony

    This is HoC Live #33 dated May 8, 2010. I read a preview in Official Xbox Magazine which provided me with the included quote. The comic was pretty much instantaneous as soon as I read the quote.

    It is the second major revision but much better for it.

    I have been holding on to it for a while, I post it now in honour of Fable III's release in two weeks.

    It doesn't hurt that I am out of the country right now....

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Strip #34: Swag free... now

    I think this is self-explanatory.

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Strip #35: Coxxorz goes camping

    Just in case everyone is wondering why Coxxorz has disappeared.

    I don't know about you but it seems wrong to me that Coxxorz is camping outdoors.

    And yes, as Guba points out, I am the master of clip art. Heaven forbid I should ever draw something myself.

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Strip #36: Let’s hope we never have to use it

    No text.

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Strip #37: Factory default


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Strip #38: Yes

    This may or may not be a response to this.

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Strip #39: Bored

    This strip never appeared online. It was made when I was working on the Clan cutouts for Because Drastic Measures are called for and was never published. No idea why, it's certainly no better or worse than any other strip. I include it here for completion.

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Strip #40: Daddy's dilemma

    This came out of a conversation with Rolly.

    Yes, that is his own Avatar which he designed himself.

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