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Strips 61 to 70

By Blackwalt - Posted on 18 August 2011

Strip #61: Oversold

    As some of you know Hardwood held a Canada Day party. His quote above is a direct copy and paste from his email invite.

    Let's just say that things did not work out exactly as planned.

    In truth, we had a great view of the smoke coming off of the fireworks. The fireworks? Not so much.

    It worked out well though as a move into the front yard provided everyone with an excellent view of the fireworks. Leaning against the garage door turned out to be the prime vantage point.

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Strip #62: Herd of the Dead

    I made this graphic in early May and then sat on it because I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Even after discussing it with Coxxorz.

    And then Shanghri La came out which pretty much meant I had to use it or lose it.

    So there, it's an HoC Live comic. Hope you're happy.

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Strip #63: Tickets still available

    You may blame A Troll for this one.

    And maybe Moricerevek's guest Pole a little bit.

    A PDF of just the poster is available. No idea why really. I guess it could brighten up your cubicle, desk, basement, and/or hovel. Whichever.

    The poster is loosely based a complete rip off of a UFC Jackson vs Jardine poster that I found online.

    And I can't wait for August 27th either btw.

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Strip #64: True Love

    I saw something similar to this online and it immediately transmogrified itself around Graybush.

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Strip #65: There's no app for this

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Strip #66: The true apocalypse

    He actually said this. Last night. Otherwise this would be nowhere near as scary.

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Strip #67: Merry Chris Mouse

    Yes I went there. Deal with it. Despite what you might think Moricerevek did not help with this comic.

    So, anyway, Merry Chris Mouse to you and yours. Be sure to spread the 'joy' with the downloadable 2011 Chris Mouse card. Yes I turned the comic into a convenient printable PDF. A duplex printer would help but it is possible to print without (Hint: feed the same sheet through twice).

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Strip #68: What else could it be?

    This may be belated.

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Strip #69: Mother of all rage quits

    Is it too soon to make fun of SeanMCR's tragedy? I say thee nay! So anyway, here you go.

    For the record, since the RCMP still don't know what started the fire, it probably, most likely, wasn't SeanMCR rage quitting.
    But I wouldn't rule it out just yet.

    And Hardwood? No. Just no.

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Strip #70: iHater

    Okay, this relates to the comments from this post (and many others, but that one started it).

    I had started this comic (and finished it twice) at a more topical time but I just got around to finishing and posting it now.

    I have witnesses to the previous incarnations. None that you would believe, but still, witnesses.

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