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HoC Random Peer Pressure of the Day - 010717

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 January 2017

So. Funny story.

Since Star Wars Battlefront's release in November of 2015 it has been mentioned on HerdofCats many times. A list is included after the jump. A significant number of these have been by Stormblade lamenting that HoC has not jumped on the Star Wars band wagon and joined him online. We still haven't. Coxxorz' even purchased a copy at $29.99 during a summer sale and still has it safely stored in the shrink wrap.

My primary issue was the initial cost of Star Wars Battlefront. $79.99 for the game and $69.99 for the Season Pass. Expensive enough even if the internet hadn't exploded over the lack of content in the initial game release.

Then along came Graybush, late on a Friday night (yesterday) while in the middle of a round of Zombie Army Trilogy.

    Graybush: "You know, you should try Star Wars Battlefront. I played it with Stormblade last week and it was pretty good."
    Blackwalt: "Let's see..."
        - Click on Amazon.
        - Click on Amazon Prime
        - Search for Star Wars Battlefront.
        "Hey, $19.99 for the game."
        "Hey, $39.99 for the Ultimate Edition."
    Graybush: "The Ultimate Edition doesn't include the season pass does it?"
    Blackwalt: "Yes. Yes it does. So $20 for the game and $20 for the season pass. I am okay with that."
        - Back to Amazon Prime, order, done.
    Graybush: "I think I just paid that for the Season Pass."
    Blackwalt: "Purchased. Should be here for Wednesday." (Wednesday is Sega Nite by the way. You should try and join us.)

So there you have it. I am apparently weak against peer pressure. From Graybush. I have to figure by now that there are several games that he has purchased on my recommendation so I had no issue returning the favour.

About the pricing.

Star Wars Battlefront and the Season Pass are no longer priced at $79.99 and $69.99 respectively. While $39.99 is a good price the Ultimate Edition can be purchased on the Xbox Store for $51.99 right now. Individually it is priced at $25.99 for the game and $39.99 for the Season Pass. Based on the Season Pass alone I did get a good deal from Amazon but not necessarily a Coxxorz deal.

See you online in the Star Wars universe this Wednesday. Tuesday if shipping goes well.

Promised list of previous Star Wars Battlefront stories on HerdofCats:

PS- Under no circumstances ever should anyone tell Guba I bought another game!

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And now expected Tuesday.

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