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HoC Crest for The Division

By Blackwalt - Posted on 06 March 2016

Now you can rock your own HoC Crest/Logo for The Division

Our HoC crest up against the original SHD crest from The DivisionOur HoC crest up against the original SHD crest from The Division

So it's not a direct copy but it is a close facsimile. A stand alone high resolution image of the HoC version is available after the break.

I am hoping it is possible to import your your own Clan crest into the game but we won't know for sure until Tuesday. Let me know if you want any different resolutions.

Stormblade's picture

that nobody but you is going to buy this game, but apparently Sean is having a change of heart.

Blackwalt's picture

...that I might be playing a game on my own.

Cause that has never happened before.

The joys of being part of a clan.

Herd of Cats - it's in the name.

Stormblade's picture

I have bought a whole bunch of games recently I thought the clan might play (R6: Siege and SW: Battlefront as examples) and no one else got them. Also, I bought Ark because I thought it would be cool to start a clan thing all together and see where it went. That got shot to heck when you and Coxxorz were riding dinosaurs before I had time to figure out how not to die. Probably my fault because I can't dedicate the time you guys can. I tried enlisting Graybush, but he wasn't enthused. Oh well.

My point is it might be an awesome idea finding a game in the near future a bunch of us might like to play together from the same point. Last time I remember trying that was the last GoW, which we never finished. At least it was fun while it lasted.

Maybe the next GoW, or something else.

Coxxorz's picture

ANY game we try to play together "from the same point" quickly diverges as some people *COUGH*seanmcr*COUGH* will be more keen on it that others and devote an obscene amount of time to levelling. Take Call of Duty Zombie Anything, for example. Sure we all start on launch day, but you guys have unlocked Triple Class Megaperk Godmode while I have unlocked Slightly Harder Rubber Bullets.

To get around that we would need either a completely persistent world type game, or something with NO progression whatsoever.

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I tried the Beta for Rainbow Six Siege. Wasn't impressed. Passed.

I also tried the Beta for The Division. Was impressed. Buying.

Note that The Division came to my attention through you and your original interest in it.

I also gave fair warning. By our standards anyway. I am okay playing alone. My gaming hours have changed anyway.

SeanmcR6's picture

If this is possible, I'm in.

and I really like that badge design, good job


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