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HoC Random Review of the Day - 12072015

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 December 2015

This review does seem a little accurate.

I was almost on board with Star Wars Battlefront until I discovered the season pass cost $69.99. That's a little high, particularly when the Call of Duty series only over charges $49.99. I complained about that price jump when it first happened. $69.99? As far as I am concerned $69.99 is the price of a new game, not the price of add-ons to a game that already cost $79.99. Pass thanks.

Note that Star Wars Battlefront has been spotted at 50% off on the Microsoft Store already. That's a little early for such a big name recent release. Wonder if people are rebelling against the high prices?

Via 9GAG.

Akuf's picture

If idiots keep buying the DLC, preorder crap etc.
Why would they (game makers) stop selling/offering it...

They know you will throw your money at them

Just like iDummies, if crApple could put out a brick called iBrick, all the iDummies, iDiots will line up to buy it...

Coxxorz's picture

But I did upgrade to the 4th gen, because now it has Siri!

Stormblade's picture

It really is time that gamers stop forking out money for incomplete products. And I think it's starting to happen. Microsoft selling Battlefront for $39.99 on Monday was startling and seems to prove the theory. I made the mistake of pre-ordering that game and have since refrained from doing so for a couple of other games I had planned to.

As for your constant trolling of Apple users. It gets old. I have 2 windows machines, 2 android phones, 3 Macs, 2 iPads, 2 AppleTVs, and an iPhone in my house. We use them all and they have their strengths and weaknesses. The fact is the Apple products all work seamlessly together and make our lives significantly easier. You pay a little more for the convenience and peace of mind. That doesn't mean you couldn't achieve the same results with other OSs and devices, but it would take more effort.

I have no particular love for Apple as a company. The days for fanboy worship ended with Steve's death. Now it is simply because the stuff works as advertised and is backed better than anything else. If something else came along that was cheaper and better, I would jump at it.

Akuf's picture

Well, I wasn't targeting you specifically :p

Anyway, I just don't like to be tied down to anything.
Being forced to use some crap software (itunes) to do simple tasks just doesn't do it for me.

I had one iPhone and I threw it against the wall because I got so fed up with it NOT working as it should.

For example... plugging in any of my android phones they get mounted as a drive and I can drag and drop, delete modify whatever... just by using windows explorer no need for some middle software.

And I call them iDummies simply for the fact that they line up for crap tech. Most of them are pretentious as well but i have always put them in their place.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, this is mine.

Stormblade's picture

As beautiful and fun as this game is, it is really incomplete and the DLC price is outrageous. I have enjoyed the few hours I have put in on it, but I would not recommend anyone purchase this yet. Even at $40, it's a little high. They seriously need to do something about the DLC price. They also should have had some sort of campaign mode.

It's a shame because what is does do it does really well.

MauriceRevek's picture

They were counting on the fact that the new Star Wars movie is due out shortly, and the mass marketing drive pushing it to send all the gamers into a frenzy and look over the fact that the game is over priced and the downloadable content is way over priced. I got Fallout 4 for PC with the season pass through Green Man gaming, and got both for under $60 (maybe even close to $50). At regular price, the two together are over $100.

Coxxorz's picture

And a little game called E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

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