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HoC experiences Dying Light: It's not an addiction

By Blackwalt - Posted on 23 August 2015

It's not!

Whatever you do, don't look down. Dammit!Whatever you do, don't look down. Dammit!

In Dying Light, more than ever, it is a case of being too busy playing it to write about it. I am really hoping to play co-op but I am concerned. Every time I suggest, even hint, that clan members should buy a game I get inundated with complaints about how I made them buy it. Even after they have put in fifty plus hours playing it. You guys are complicated.

But I still need co-op partners and Dying Light does match the following Herd of Cats Criteria:

  • 4 player co-op
  • zombies
  • lots of collectibles and searching
  • open world
  • shotgun
  • quests, quests, and more quests
  • ooh shiney

Lots of climbing and much optional parkour. I say optional because I still haven't figured it out. I go well for about two roof tops then I miss, fall to the ground, lose half my health, and I am sharing the tiniest space possible with a whole bunch of zombies.

But apparently some people can do it. Just not me.

Which button makes my character spit?Which button makes my character spit?

So the two photos I have included are from the top of the giant bridge. One during the day and one at night. My climbing excursion may have taken two days. It may also have taken more. Each time you plummet to your death you lose some time. I plummeted to my death a lot. The jump button and the "use to climb" button are the same (right bumper) but the timing seems iffy. Plus not all the jumps are obvious. Jump, grab, grab again, plummet a little, grab again, catch a ledge, detach from ledge, mash right bumper, hit bottom with smacking sound, watch screen go black.

For some reason I need to replace the right bumper on my primary controller.

My favourite part of climbing to the top of the bridge was once I finished the quest Searchlights (at night - go to the bridge and recover any of the bulbs in the special lights that are still working and bring them back) I got called by Tolga and Fatin for the quest Hardware (zipline across the broken portion of the bridge to a military Field HQ to retrieve a military grade sonar set) and sent right back up the bridge. Because I hadn't plummeted to my death enough already.

You would think I would have been getting better at it but apparently not.

Yet I am still playing Dying Light incessantly. It really is a improved open world zombie game demonstrating just how much Techland learned from developing Dead Island.

So, open invitation, pick up Dying Light and join my in my quest(s) to free Harran from the zombie horde.

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Bonus Random Dying Light video:

P.S.- Right now I am wearing pants but the way my tighty whities are riding up that may not last long. I lie... it's a thong. Get that image out of your head Stormblade. (I pick him cause he's seen it).

SeanmcR6's picture

So you're saying the controls are "iffy" resulting in many deaths...but we should buy it to play co-op?

I feel my inner rage might not deal with this game all too well, plus I bought ZAT for you guys an we only ever played it a couple times.

I have to side with Stormblade on this one... Battlefront, Fallout, new COD and Tomb wallet is already stretched.

Blackwalt's picture

And only in the one instance. While climbing the inside of a gigantic bridge pylon, "The jump button and the "use to climb" button are the same (right bumper) but the timing seems iffy."

The only time I have had a complaint.

My memories of ZAT include many more games than what you are suggesting but I accept that I did play with others and you may not have been there. Also please see "Every time I suggest, even hint, that clan members should buy a game I get inundated with complaints about how I made them buy it" as this qualifies.

No Battlefront, no Fallout but Tomb Raider and new COD are on my list.

You have inner rage?

SeanmcR6's picture

no Fallout? some of the most satisfying sniping is in fallout!

Stormblade's picture

There are just too many games coming that I want to own to justify this one. I am SO looking forward to shooting you out of the sky in Battlefront, I can barely contain myself.

I am also having a serious existential debate with myself regarding GoW. It looks so pretty and has new content but it's essentially the same game. Gah! I hate you, Microsoft!

Blackwalt's picture

... you suck.

That's all I got.

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Please stop talking.


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