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One for Revek

By Akuf - Posted on 07 January 2016

Did Revek and Swag Stop watching

By Akuf - Posted on 13 November 2015

Halloween 2015

By Akuf - Posted on 31 October 2015

As I'm hard at work on Nomura's Batman for OPX2015, I didn't have time to make anything extravagant for Halloween this year. So, was dared to Pierce's Juggerknob (aka pillow fight man) from the show community.

Here it is...

For reference:


By Akuf - Posted on 17 October 2015

The First iDummies

By Akuf - Posted on 06 October 2015

Random Spelling Lesson

By Akuf - Posted on 29 September 2015

Nomura's Batman Teaser

By Akuf - Posted on 27 September 2015

Aku's one line reviews Xbone

By Akuf - Posted on 03 September 2015

I had this thing for a week, what a pile of shit, glad it I didn't pay for it.

I Hate Birthdays

By Akuf - Posted on 24 August 2015

So some my costume, gym and personal friends pitched in and got me this.
Where the hell were you guys? ;)
Also, I'm considering getting Destiny for it may need you guys to help.

Best Video Game Commercial EVER!

By Akuf - Posted on 21 August 2015

Random awkward deflation

By Akuf - Posted on 17 August 2015

Random song reference

By Akuf - Posted on 17 August 2015

Random Old Tech Ad non Coxxorz deal

By Akuf - Posted on 04 August 2015

"It is like-new and barely used Very clean Works Perfect! Excellent condition from a smoke and pet free home
No chips, cracks, or repairs on this piece."
Only $50


I Laughed a Little too Hard

By Akuf - Posted on 30 July 2015

Saturday morning laugh

By Akuf - Posted on 18 July 2015

When you're half asleep and arrive at the gym on Saturday morning and you realize

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