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HoC X-Com Enemy Unknown – the Fifth day

By Blackwalt - Posted on 03 August 2013

Two heavies leave. Only one returns.

I don't know how else to say this, Cpl. Pwn Call (Coxxorz) is no longer with us.

It was a tragedy that hit the team hard. Well... most of the team. While the majority of the team returned quiet and mourning, newly promoted Cpt. Gray Bush was surprisingly jubilant. I am not saying that Cpt. Bush's promotion came over Cpl. Call's cold, dead body but there is a significant amount of circumstantial evidence and some suspicious timing.

Okay, the Pwn Call / Coxxorz thing is starting to get annoyingOkay, the Pwn Call / Coxxorz thing is starting to get annoying

Facts in evidence:

  1. Cpl. Call, the alternate Heavy, did not return from his mission
  2. Cpt. Bush did return
  3. both heavies were vying for the secondary spot behind Cpt. Hard 'Collateral' Wood
  4. Cpl. Call's kill/death ratio was significantly higher than Cpt. Bush's
  5. Cpt. Bush was promoted immediately following the incident causing Cpl. Call's death.

Again, no hard evidence and Cpt. Gray 'Casino' Bush will continue on with the HoC X-Com team but it is hard to deny the dark cloud which will now haunt his career.

I, as Cpt. Bush's commander, gave little credence to the scuttlebutt surrounding the Corporal's untimely death. They did face a significant number of Muton's (front-line heavy infantry of the Alien army) as well as running into their first Berserker (large melee combatants with high health). So I initially dismissed the charges. That is until I saw the rewards of Cpt. Bush's promotion.

More grenades!More grenades!

More grenades. If anything could turn Cpt. Bush against a teammate and friend it would be the opportunity to carry an extra grenade.

While no charges have yet to be pressed against Cpt. Bush my personal suspicions have intensified and I will be keeping an eye om the good Captain in the future.

Please note: looking again at the Mission report,

Major Claudia 'Hard Core' Schafer didn't have a scratch on her. Team, that's what I call a job well done.

HoC X-Com Roster:

  • Colonel Storm 'Nix' Blade. Sniper. Missions: 17. Kills: 20. Wounded
  • Major Q. 'Cargo' Bert. Support. Missions: 16. Kills: 23. Wounded
  • Major Claudia 'Hardcore' Schafer. Assault. Missions: 11. Kills: 17
  • Major Sean 'Vandal' MCR. Assault. Missions: 9. Kills: 12.
  • Captain Dark 'Double Down' Nightowl. Assault. Missions: 12. Kills: 6
  • Captain Hard 'Collateral' Wood. Heavy. Missions: 9. Kills: 20
  • Captain Fung 'Atlas' Ster. Support. Missions: 8. Kills: 15. Wounded
  • Captain Gray. 'Casino' Bush. Heavy. Missions: 7. Kills: 13. Wounded
  • Captain I. 'Mr. Clean' Ce. Support. Missions: 7. Kills: 9. Wounded
  • Sergeant Morice 'Ghost' Revek. Sniper. Missions: 4. Kills: 10
  • Squaddie S Wag. Assault. Missions: 2. Kills: 3
  • Corporal Pwn Call. Heavy. Missions: 5. Kills: 3. KIA
  • Squaddie A. Troll. Assault. Missions: 2. Kills: 2. KIA
  • Rookie N. Oir. Undetermined. Missions: 0. Kills: 0
  • Rookie Personal G. Reviewer. Undetermined. Missions: 2. Kills: 0
  • Rookie J. DM. Undetermined. Missions: 0. Kills: 0
  • Rookie A. Fadumamai. Undetermined. Missions: 1. Kills: 0 KIA
  • Rookie Snuffy D. Undetermined. Missions: 1. Kills: 0 KIA
Q-Bert's picture

Twenty. Three. Kills.

(I hope that wasn't all during medical procedures...)

MauriceRevek's picture

You were the medic. They were your patients. Were.

Does death by malpractice count as a kill?

Coxxorz's picture

I hope my death was instant.

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