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Borderlands 2 just became a single player game

By Blackwalt - Posted on 09 October 2012

Because I just don't like playing with you guys that much

This occurred when Borderlands 2 tried to make me download the Compatibility Pack. Thanks, I'll pass. I'm too afraid to work out how much that is in real dollars. Even with one of Coxxorz's deals I still can't afford it...

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you guys would probably still pay for it, eventually.

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I have probably bought that many MS points since 2004. Definitely id you include all the discount points I have stocked up. Which means they should be worthless as soon as MS announces the new console.

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Happened to me to. Has something to do with the price of -1 for the free content. Made the long integer rollover. Taking the current value for 2800 points @ $39.99, which comes out to $0.014 pennies per point, we would need $61,341,336.47 to purchase the 'Mancer.

Spare some change?

On a side note, I thought buying the pass was supposed to give us the additional content. Now they are saying that we have to pay for some of the other content that they will be making available?

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If you bought points cards on sale when I posted it, you could have this for a mere $31M Microsoft points.

I guess Bill Gates needs a new fleet of yachts?

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