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Is this the end of the Pink Menace™?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 August 2012

Body dumped behind bar in Gatineau found stiff and non-responsive

Coroner reports that it is "either a dead body or Stormblade again." Please join with me and the rest of Herd of Cats in hoping for both.

I can not tell a lie. That is where I dumped the body and it was strangely stiff and non-responsive at the time.

Still, though, I am not totally sure we finished him off. Again.

The Final Assassination turned out to be a resounding success. When I meet up with Rolly the next day he asked me point blank. "Did you get to kill Stormblade?" My answer? "Yes, often."

Assassin's Creed Revelations multi-player turned out to be like that. There was a lot of killing, a lot of assassinating in multiple directions. At the peak gaming time we had seven persons playing and we were randomly assigned targets. The better a player was doing the more Assassin's were assigned to him. A common in-game message was "another Templar has assassinated your target," which was annoying if you had put a lot of work into finding him.

We secretly replaced Stormblade's game case with a home made copy indistinguishable from the original. Somehow he noticed...We secretly replaced Stormblade's game case with a home made copy
indistinguishable from the original. Somehow he noticed...

Strangely and in some way's disappointingly you could only kill targets you were assigned. So if you happened to bump into Stormblade randomly you had to let him live unless he was your dedicated target.

An enjoyable and reoccurring event in Assassin's Creed Revelations multi-player was the train. To kill someone you had to expose yourself to anyone tracking you and you became an easy target. Often you would assassinate someone only to be allowed a brief joy before you would be immediately picked off by the player chasing you, then immediately experienced joy again when your killer got assassinated by the player tracking him. This inception of assassinations happened often, usually with three players but several times with four. "Yes! No! Yes! No!"

It was entertaining... if you were the last person in the chain.

Oh, by the way, the B button doesn't work. As I mentioned before, you can only kill your target. This means you can not kill the player chasing you. The game does offers a defense though. Technically. You are supposed to hit B to stun the attacking player and give yourself a chance to escape. General consensus was that the B button didn't work. One out of fifty times (maybe) you actually stunned your attacker and could run away. Most often you hit B and then you died as it did nothing. Occasionally you hit back at the attacker to no avail because you still died. You did get a disputed kill which steals 100 pts from the attacker and passes it on to you. But since you still died it was a hollow 100 pts. So, for posterity, the B button doesn't work.

Assassin's Creed Revelations turned out to be a good choice. Not only was it a preferred game of Stormblade's, the multi-player was streamlined to support multiple skill levels. Much to Q-Bert's and Dan Solo's relief there wasn't any single player who finished last in the standings each and every time. In fact, everyone took turns placing at or near the top and everyone won at least one match.

I think the simplified style of the game would have worn out after a few more hours but it did last for the length of our Lan. It was definitely more fun with 5-7 players than it was with 4 players. It won't even let you play with less than 4 players.

As I said, Assassin's Creed Revelations was a good choice, the venue of Moricerevek's was a good choice (as the food was good), porn was sadly limited as (despite numerous reassurances) Moricerevek did not, in fact, have a reliable media player. The beer choices were entertaining. Graybush picked a selection of beers from everyone's ancestral country. Scottish, Irish, Czech, Danish(?) and even an indeterminate. I'll let you guess who that was for.

Everyone had Assassin's hoods (as seen in the top photo), everyone received an Abstergo Industries ID card with a cat paw pattern lanyard, we had "Final Assassination" posters up, Stormblade received an Assassin's Creed Revelations T-shirt, an Ezio action figure, the cardboard female Assassin cutout and new game cover ( as seen above) as well as a cardboard Assassin's Creed Revelations display which greeted everyone as they arrived.

Even a cardboard Ezio couldn't assure the assassination of StormbladeEven a cardboard Ezio couldn't assure
the assassination of Stormblade

All in all, despite how brief this aftermath report is, everyone had a great time, some of us drank, some of us played video games and, yes Rolly, everyone got the chance to kill Stormblade.

Really, what more can you ask for?

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Even I had good time...

Stomach problems aside...

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I just noticed on this pic that I have a really big head.

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And the accompanying story about Brotherhood is just as relevant to Revelations.

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You should have ended it with:

Yes Rolly, there is a dead Stormblade.

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