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How do I declare a clan emergency!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 05 January 2012

I just cut my gaming thumb

Owie!Owie!Okay, I guess I just did declare an emergency. And sure, I know that technically both of my thumbs are my gaming thumbs but I didn't cut both on them.

It's already soaked through one bandage but I think its stopped bleeding now. Thanks for your concern. You could at least stop laughing. Seriously, you could stop.

How does one play through an injury like this?

Yes, it does hurt for your information. I cut it while emptying the dishwasher if you must know. Guba has a hand food slicer and the three blade cutting piece is dishwasher safe and as it turns out, very sharp. Very.

I don't know how as I've emptied this very same thing out of the dishwasher three times previously but this time, this time, it turned on me.

Interviewing myself, I had some insights on how the clan would get through this dark period:

    "Well, you know, we'll just have to take each game one game at a time."

    "We can't just dwell on one player. It's a team game."

    "Everyone will have to step up."

    "We'll just have to come out and play our game"

    "I have to let it heal properly now and make sure I'm available for the play offs"

    "It isn't all about me. You would think so but it isn't."

    “I just want to give it my best shot, and the good Lord willing, things will work out.”

    "I'll keep putting my pants on one leg at a time. If I'm wearing pants."
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NOW how will you get it up your a**?

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