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HoC experiences Dead Island: day whatever

By Blackwalt - Posted on 15 September 2011

Too busy questing to keep track of what day it is! The quests are taking over! I think I'm on a quest to find my pants next.

    Questing, questing, questing
    Never resting
    Questing, questing, questing
    Racing to the rock

    - The Backyardigans

Still haven't tried multiplayer. Coxxorz's 'deal' seems to be having issues. Glad he saved the $10.

Usually playing this style of quest heavy game (Mass Effect, Fable III, Dragon's Age I give up and walk away after a while. Too fed up with quests and talking. Too much talking... Yesterday I thought I had enough and was ready to walk away from Dead Island. That's after playing for a couple of hours. And I did, walk away that is, after playing for a couple of more hours. And then I went back. I plan on playing more tonight. I was planning on playing to play with Coxxorz and Graybush for Sega Nite but what can you do. I had a conversation about this with Coxxorz during our coffee run.

Blackwalt: "When exactly did you get your shipping notice?"
Coxxorz: "Shipping notice? Uhh, I'll have to check my email."

Later on I received this in an email:

Coxxorz: "Nope. My last email from them was a reminder that they owe me 3 other games."

And now, Dead Island.

I am totally on board with Dead Island. If you have any interest in this game at all go buy it now. Don't panic over any deal.

The realization came to me that I barely ever finished any quests in time because I was too busy exploring other things. I either:

  • ran into a building I had never seen
  • I found another area to explore
  • I got in trouble avoiding zombies (they are everywhere)
  • I interacted with someone that started a different quest
  • I saved some one that started an different quest
  • I got lost
  • I changed my mind and switched quests
  • I saw something shiney!

My worst method of ending a quest prematurely happened when I climbed a ladder in Moresby and jumped down into an enclosed area. Any guesses what was in the enclosed area? Zombies! I mean how was I supposed to know that?

Lots and lots of Zombies. It did not end well.

FYI- A patch just arrived on Xbox Live. The Day 1 patch. Mid game btw.

You will like Dead Island if you enjoy:

  • games with lots of quests
  • games with lots of zombies
  • games with melee fighting
  • games with huge open worlds and no restrictions
  • zombies
  • 4 player co-op. Well, I would assume this would be true...

Any way the whole point of this series of Dead Island stories was to determine if it was worth Herd of Cats' member picking up a copy for themselves.

If you have any interest at all in Dead Island the the answer is a resounding "hell yes!" So go buy it. Now. I'll wait here. Because I still want to test out the multi-player. Not to rush you or anything Coxxorz but I am 52% through the main story. Just saying...

Coxxorz's picture

What did it do?

Still no email, btw.

Blackwalt's picture

...follow the link at the bottom of this story –

Coxxorz's picture

I don't even read the NEW ones.

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