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Mythbusters: Black Ops

By Stormblade - Posted on 30 November 2010

Some interesting myths about Black Ops are proven or debunked. Pretty cool.

Coxxorz's picture

I like the guys getting squished by the doors, but mostly the Matrix dive.

The problem is this was likely taken from the PC version, so some things are potentially different, like the flak jacket test. It all depends on placement and timing.

But I mainly don't understand why (or how) you would ever place C4 on an enemy RCXD? Wouldn't it make more sense (and be a lot easier) to put it on a friendly one? How about a Claymore? Inquiring minds want to know. Too bad there is no Swag, we could invent some new Coxxchievements.

Yes, spell checker, that is a word.

Stormblade's picture

I put that one to the test yesterday when I was getting owned by a punk with an RCXD fetish. Once I switched to the class with a flak jacket, no more RCXD deaths. Very satisfying.

Coxxorz's picture

Just learn to shoot the damn things. Noob tube works nicely.

Stormblade's picture

I discovered today that the shotgun was much more satisfying for dealing with the little shitboxes. I even took one out with my RCXD, which was worth like 2000 points.

Coxxorz's picture

I didn't realize there was a bonus for RC-on-RC action. I'll have to try that, although I replaced my RC killstreak reward with a spy plane. It's all part of my Secret Pwning Strategy which I can't reveal here.

Graybush's picture

I've done it several times but I think the 2000 must be a challenge for first time only. You get the token 100pts like a kill but it doesn't count as a kill. Still satisfying though (unless his RC gets yours first. then you get nothing... boo-urns)

Stormblade's picture

I did it a second time and just got kill points. Must have happened along with a challenge the first time. Still, I am sure it pissed the other guy off!

Speaking of which, I had my most enjoyable Black Ops experience yesterday. I killed a guy and, being low on ammo, I picked up his gun. I then proceeded to kill him seven more times with his own gun and picked up fresh ammo each time. He got so frustrated he left the game early. Heh heh.

MauriceRevek's picture

If you were able to taunt him after heach kill.

Stormblade's picture

could write with a French accent.

Blackwalt's picture

I believe it is one of Moricerevek's words.

Coxxorz's picture

I believe it's spelled "oxymoron".

Stormblade's picture

is "Rendered stupid through lack of oxygen to the brain". Or something like that.

MauriceRevek's picture


Dumb as a bull?


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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