You are hereGameInformer stole our graphic!

GameInformer stole our graphic!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 November 2010

I wouldn't mind so much if they had linked back to us but they didn't

I was surprised to see the Ban Hammer/Swastika Emblem graphic on GameInformer. Please note that they edited it to remove the Swastika so technically, they also changed our original work.

I was more surprised that it didn't link back to us. It is in a Member Blog but still some effort would have been appreciated.

There is a link immediately connected but it goes to an internal GameInformer story.

That Ban Hammer graphic is original work by the way. Not mine obviously and I accept the fact that I stole it from Coxxorz in the first place, but at least it was from our own site.

I am not saying I am perfect in linking back to other's work but I do try.

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on 28 Nov 2010 8:57 PM /by Saint
When I search for images, I just use Google Images and never know if the site is the actual creator of the image or not. I referenced the GI story because they posted on it too. I have edited the image to reflect your ownership and regret any inconvenience caused by this issue. Cheers.

Which was a reply to this comment by some GI user called Blackwalt:

    on 28 Nov 2010 8:06 PM
    I was pleased to find one our graphics used – the Ban Hammer.

    Although I would have appreciated getting credit for our work. Such as a link back to our site ( as opposed to using the graphic and linking immediately back to GameInformer.
    Credit due.

Which I admit was politer than my usually comments. Anyhow, he fixed it, and fast.

And who doesn't use google images?

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When you click on a thumbnail in the Google images search, it opens the page the image was found on. And the link on the right to the "Full-size image" (a favourite of Google image stealers like me) is directly beneath the larger link to the "Website for this image".


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I kinda stole it too. The base hammer graphic came from a photo of a Mjolnir replica by Diamond Select Toys. Xbox logo and "BAN" type added by me.

But yeah, that guy stole our graphic. He at least deserves a shameless plug to HoC posted in his comments!

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them hard.

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