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The Last Airbender - Review

By Q-Bert - Posted on 06 July 2010

He doesn't need a flashlight at nightHe doesn't need a flashlight at night

This review is of two minds.

The first mind is mine. My review of this movie is: God Awful.

You watch this movie and after the first few minutes you think "whoa that last 5 minutes sucked; I wonder if the next 5 minutes will be better....... nope" continually throughout the film. At the end, you are just watching this thing wondering how the director can ruin each and every scene. If you take this film as a 90 minute train wreck, happening in slow motion, you can almost watch it. But not quite.

I hope the guy/girl who made the trailer gets an Oscar. Certainly whoever did that trailer had to find 1-second snippets that didn't plainly suck, and he/she had to find enough of them to fill in a 30 seconds trailer. That must have been one hell of a task. And please notice there is no dialog in the trailer. Dialog is not the strong point of this movie.

Come to think about it, neither is the plot, characters, story, effects, that-stupid-3d-that-is-never-used, actors (oh my god the actors sucked monkey balls), narrative at the beginning, special effects, green-screen-that-is-apparent-everywhere, arrrgh you name it.


The second mind is Gabba, my 10-year old daughter.

And I quote: "I don't see why people think this movie is bad. It was great!"


If you are a 10-year old girl that is going to see this movie, don't bring any adults...

MauriceRevek's picture

I guess I should not write my review where I gave the movie 5 paws. Greatest thing since Avatar.

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This: If you are a 10-year old girl that is going to see this movie, don't bring any adults...

Means that Revek and swag will like it

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