You are here2009 Pintsie's – Blackwalt's Pick for HoC Game of the Year

2009 Pintsie's – Blackwalt's Pick for HoC Game of the Year

By Blackwalt - Posted on 05 February 2010


When I think of the game I had the most fun playing this year, and that I played most with other clan members Borderlands is the only 2009 game that pops up.

At one time or another I played this with: Coxxorz, Jehreg, Graybush, Aku, Stormblade, MoriceRevek, Fungster and I am sure others that I left out.

I finished the game more than once, played through both (so far) DLC's and always had at least three other players in the game. We saw the same sections of Pandora over and over again in each others games and never cared. It even has Zombies!

It made a huge number of appearances on the site and produced many storied about our gaming nights. Stupid Mothrakk!

Nothing else was even close.

Honourable Mentions:

  1. Batman Arkham Asylum
  2. Red Faction Guerilla

Notice any massively selling gaming juggernaut missing from this list? Yeah, intentionally with malice and forethought.

Vote your choices in the Comments. Votes will be tallied with points awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and the Official HoC Game of the Year award will be posted.

Swag's picture

Yahtzee Reviews Borderlands. Finally an honest review.

Akuf's picture

1) Playing Doctor (with various females)
2) Playing house (with various females)
3) Massaging (with various females)

And they are all over the age of 20!

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Akuf's picture

That has been on the site for a while.

I can post others

Swag's picture

which I already posted, but got in trouble for.

Actually this category doesn't really make sense because what most people are taking as the game of the year is really just the game they had the most fun with various HoC members. Technically speaking, it might not be the game of the year.

That being said I will change my vote to reflect HoC.

1) Battlefield 1943: Jeep-bombing tanks never gets old.
2) Batman AA: Mark Hammil as the Joker? That's all you need.
3) Shadow Complex: Surprisingly fun side-scroller.

Coxxorz's picture

You're playing that frigging thing every night!

Swag's picture

To make a long story short, it's a good game, but not great. In fact the main problem is that it's a terrible Xbox port (framerate issues [even though the game is 4 years old], super low rez textures when you're outside, poor map navigation system that was obviously made for a PC, etc).

I play it all the time because I am trying to finish it and move on to other games which I haven't even opened (like Gears 2 and Chronicles of Riddick). I do find it fun, but when I finish it i'll never play it again.

It's also a good way to get achievement points, as you only get them for completing quests.

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Maybe because it's older than he is.

Coxxorz's picture

I rarely know what you're talking about...

MauriceRevek's picture

Is that oblivion has been out for at least 5 years I think. It has been around long enough now that you can get it in the bargin bin for $9.999 new.

Stormblade's picture

that extra .001 is important!

MauriceRevek's picture

1 - Assassins Creed II
2 - Borderlands
3 - Batman - HoC in the Asylum

Stormblade's picture

1) Borderlands - Actually, it would be second, but since my other pick is single-player, I rate this higher due to its HoC gaming night prowess.

2) Assassin's Creed II - This is in my opinion the best game ever released on the XBox 360.

Honourable metion - Left4DeadII. Better than I expected and I think it would make a great LAN Party game, if we ever got around to it.

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But we just don't play it. Although it has been loads of laughs when we have!

And by "laughs" I mean screaming.

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1. Borderlands - Best everything. The only game I've ever wanted to play a second time.
2. Battlefield 1943 - Only 3 maps, but I'm still playing it 7 months later.
3. There is no 3. - Seriously, the other 2 are so far ahead of the rest, there is no point.

I really wanted to put a driving game here, but Dirt 2 was pretty disappointing. Modern Woeful 2 just makes me angry.

Can I vote for Call of Duty 4 again this year?

Dark Nightowl's picture

... I'm pretty sure you spent more time in COD WAW. No mention of it as a contender?

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See, here's the thing.

CoD: WaW was released in 2008 so it is ineligible for the 2009 awards.

HoC had a similar discussion about release dates last year as well.

Same for Saints Row 2 which I would have voted ahead of CoD: WaW despite playing more CoD: WaW.

I only played one mode in CoD: WaW, Zombies, I just played a lot of it!

But, please, submit your three votes for this years game.

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I am going to have to vote this way:

1- Borderlands
2- Arkham Asylum
3- Serenity

Yes, that means I only played 2 games this year. For those of you that will point out that they were in CoD: MW coop with me, I would like to remind them that the game was total crap and I don't consider being repeatedly spawn-killed as "playing".

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I seem to recall playing COD:WaW co-op campaign with Blackwalt, start to finish (not necessarily in that order...), on Veteran difficulty. Not that I'm calling Blackwalt a liar or anything. He just needs to stop lying. LIAR!


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