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TigerDirect: shipping fail!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 September 2009

Good thing I only ordered 3 items

Why use one box when three can do the job?Why use one box when three can do the job?

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Technically, they only used two boxes to finish my order. Technically.

  • The first box that arrived Monday had one of the items I ordered
  • The second box had the other two items I ordered.

What was in the third box you ask?

  • The third box had the other two items I ordered - again. Just to make sure I assume.

So I now have two motherboards and two network cards for my project. Until they figure it out. I have only been billed for one set, I only ordered one set and they only list one set on their website.

I might have tried to return it except for their Returns NOT Accepted Online warning everywhere I look on my order. Hey! I would have returned it except...

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Since they only see one of each item in your purchase records, returning one will make it show ZERO. So good luck trying to get your stuff repaired/replaced if their system says you never bought anything from them.

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to never purchase from Tiger Direct again. They have screwed up my orders every...god...damn....time.

BUT, I certainly have no problems accepting extra hardware that you might have received from them :-)

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