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By Blackwalt - Posted on 09 April 2009

Seems like a reasonable gamble

So this month's issue of OXM has a preview of Lost Planet 2 which among other things lists 4 player coop in its features. It also has Vital Suits (mechs) which seat 3 people. This discrepancy was intentional according to the developers. Sorry Moricerevek, oops, I mean toe jam...

Anyway, this lead me into thinking about the original Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. It was an Capcom Xbox 360 game released in early 2007. It had okay reviews and if you check Metacritic (79% average) you find that it has many reviews in the 90s and 80s.

As you know, I like to dig up the sleeper games from yore and try them out.

Capcom re-released Lost Planet as Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition in 2008 with updated features and more multiplayer options including some form of coop play.

So figuring it would be cheap by now, I went looking. I dragged Coxxorz to three different EBgames over the course of a week as well as Microplay and Blockbuster. Looking for the re-released version assuming it would be the better version.

We found a copy of Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition at the second EBgames at $19.98. I probably would have boought it except the sales guy mentioned that a used copy would only be $14.99 (minus Coxxorz' Edge card discount $13.50). Hmmm... I'll buy used. Of course, they didn't have any used so no sale.

At our third EBgames the next day we searched the used selection and found a copy. Yay!!! Lost Planet: Extreme Condition! Wait, the original version not the re-release. Oh well, let's at least check the price.

What the? $3.99!

Okay, for $4 I think I can afford the older version. It will let me decide if the re-released Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Edition is worth the $14.99 if I find it later on.

So over to the cash I go with my $4 and the used copy of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Wait a sec. "Coxxorz? Can I borrow your Edge card?"

$4.06 including tax.

Stormblade's picture

And it really sucks. It's like an anime mech shooter with bad camera angles and cycles between painfully easy and impossible game play.

Coxxorz's picture

I didn't think it sucked. But the constant race to find more Heat is tiresome and limits exploration... same complaint with Dead Rising and CoD5 Zombie Mode.

Swag's picture

I was thinking of getting this game as well.

Same with Call of Duty 4, except that it's still 54$ at EB (used).

Coxxorz's picture

That's unreal. Check your local Rogers/Blockbuster used game section. That seems high, although it is an awesome game. We should have a CoD4 night when you get it! I miss the homophobic racist teens.

MauriceRevek's picture

Bu the used copy FS in Montreal was same price as the new!

MauriceRevek's picture

Alone in the Dark for $9.99.

AC/DC track pack for Rock Band $9.99.

Both seen at EBGames in Bayshore.

Blackwalt's picture

Mass Effect - $9.99

Too Human - $9.99

Both worth that price.

Stormblade's picture

Especially Mass Effect. It's a great game with lots to do. I actually mean to get back to it sometime to do more of the side quests.

Coxxorz's picture

And what have you done with Storm "Rush-through-it" Blade?

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