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My life for Aiur, my love for you.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 13 February 2009

StarCraft II Valentine's Cards

While this may be pointless for some of you,*cough* Moricerevek *cough* Stormblade *cough*, its nice of Blizzard to make up these awesome Starcraft II themed St. Valentines Day desktop backgrounds. Available in Terran, Zerg and Protoss versions.

I have already sent one. She favours Zerg by the way. Careful, they spit.

Blizzard has made multiple resolutions available.

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It was very hard to let this go....

SO I am not going to say it

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Don't make it so blatantly obvious next time.

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Well in the spirit of Valentine's day I have been sucked into treating chinup girl because she guilt tripped me into it. I am still going to try to get Mac girl to join in.

I could post the agenda here. But I could get you in trouble with your wives because of the 'why don't do things like that'


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And just manually apply the Aku filter.

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Euphemisms, abbreviations, stars, etc.

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On Weds night when I left live
So chinup girl came over
And we were chatting about this and that.

Then she asks what are we doing for valentines day.
I was uh...uh... [you guys know the look].

Anyway I said (I was caught off guard keep that in mind):

Cook dinner for you (Morroccon Chicken)
Share a nice bottle of tuscan merlot
Chocolate and Cheese
Full body massage
And if you are really lucky breakfast in bed.

In the back of my mind I am trying to figure out how I can convince her to have Mac girl join us.

Her: Wow! you really go all out
Me: Well, I take care of my girls
Her: girls?!?!?

At this point I am thinking oops...

Me: Well you are not the first girl I have had on valentines day(phew!)
Her: Ah I see (in a sarcastic tone, arms crossed and if looks could kill...)
Me: uh, what are you implying
Her: nothing, I thought we were heading somewhere
Me: well, we were heading to the bedroom
Her: You are such ass.
me: Yeah, well, no one is perfect. So, what you thought we were together
her: no
me: then what is the problem?
her: Men!

At this point I am really confused

Her: nevermind let's just go to bed
Me: [in a Glenn Quagmire voice] Alllright..giggity, giggity

She turns around and punches me square in the diaphram knocking the wind out of me.
Picture it this petite 120lb 5'2" girl punching a 6'4" 254lb Guy and knocking him down on one knee! She made me proud
If my sifu saw that he would welcome her with open arms while laughing at me.
She storms upstairs and slams MY room's door in my face.

So I woke up a little earlier and brought her breakfast in bed. And all was well again except I got sucked into Valentine's day this year...grrr...

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