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"Not a team player"

By Q-Bert - Posted on 20 September 2007

... well actually, it's the opposite...

I tried to play Supreme Commander last night. I had played a full hour last week, and it was OK; but just OK. So, I turned it off after 5 minutes last night, electing instead to watch Holmes on Homes on the Tivo.

It's not that I don't want to play games.... I really do... It's just that no game really grabs me. So I started wondering why. I've played a lot of games in the past, but I seem to enjoy FPS most. Well, do I really enjoy FPS the most ? How come I felt bored playing R6V on Eric's 360 last week ? For that matter, why did I quit WoW ? Why did I quit Eve Online ? Why did I enjoy Quake so much in the past ? Why do I find Civilization IV boring and yet enjoy playing it with Maurice and Noir last month ?

Ahhhhhh, that's it ....

Seems I am a social critter .... That's why I like LAN Parties so much, and yet don't really play any of the games outside the parties. I like the interaction with friends while playing, either as co-ops or as enemies. I quit WoW because Maurice had taken a break from WoW at the time; same for Eve. I enjoyed Quake in the past because I ran a Quake server and I played against my friends, in the evenings (before Gabba was born).

So, ultimately that's good news and bad news... The good news is that I will most probably play with the Clan when I get a 360, and not get bored. The bad news is that I will probably always suck at it since I will never really practice outside of the Multiplayer time... It's not like Blackwalt didn't predict this anyways...

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Seriously, I am drawing a blank here.

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is someone who points out that it is impossible (not!) to tell the difference between an opponent and a friendly with the infrared goggles on, and proceeds to kill the friendly ...

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Sounds like you're describing at least half the clan. Hence the name. I think the very definition of "herd of cats" (besides the obvious implication of organizational disarray) is "a number of independent mammalian entities that just happen to be travelling in the same direction, in reasonably close proximity, at any given time".

But if Halo 3 can't make you get into single-player campaign gaming again, nothing will.


Please stop talking.


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