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Battlefield: Bad Company and weapon unlocks

By Blackwalt - Posted on 09 August 2008

Some are easy, some are... well... impossible now.

Battlefield: Bad Company has several different types of weapon unlocks. Included several outside of game play. Both easy to unlock and difficult if not impossible to unlock.

There are two tiers of weapon unlocks for Bad Company: five weapons each, one per class.

Tier 1

    The first tier has an easy way and a hard way to obtain them.

  • Easy way: buy the gold version. Battlefield: Bad Company Gold comes with Tier 1 weapons unlocked.
  • Hard way: play until rank 25. The highest Bad Company rank unlocks the Tier 1 weapons.

The Tier 1 weapons include:

  • AN-94 (Assault)
  • VSS Vintores (Recon)
  • MG3 (Support)
  • XM8C (Specialist)
  • SPAS 15 Semi-Auto shotgun (Demolition)

Tier 2

    Most of you probably remember when the story broke that EA would be charging for weapons inside Bad Company

They changed their mind because of the somewhat negative backlash from gamers. EA's official response was to change the unlockable weapons into a contest. Battlefield: Bad Company's FIND ALL FIVE.

The second tier has some that are easy to get, some that are harder, and some that are impossible now.

  • Easy: Support Class M60. Sign up for the Bad Company newsletter. Then you get an unlock code emailed to the address used.
  • Easy: Demolition Class USAS-12 Semi-Auto shotgun. Check your player stats online. This requires registration on the Bad Company website. This unlock takes effect next time you enter the game. No code required.
  • Harder: Assault Class F2000. Become a Battlefield Veteran by registering your previous Battlefield games. You only need to register two previous Battlefield titles but it is trickier than it sounds. Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam will allow for CD-Key entries (which I had), Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield Modern Combat are linked to your gamertag, but Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 require your in game username and password. Tricky because you need to remember them and I am pretty sure EA erases your accounts if you haven't used them for three months... Needless to say, I was out of luck here. You can enter expansion packs but they don't count toward the two games required. This unlock takes effect next time you enter the game. No code required.
  • Harder: Specialist Class UZI. You have to play the Xbox 360 Battlefield: Bad Company Demo until you reach Rank 4. Okay doable but who wants to play the Demo when you just bought the full version? This unlock takes effect next time you enter the game. No code required.
  • Impossible: Recon Class QBU-88 Semi-Auto sniper rifle. Good luck with this one. Pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company online or at participating retailers. Hmmmm.... there's an issue here if I can just figure out what it is... Oh, and you will be emailed the code for the downloadable content within 5 days after pre-order of Product. Yeah, right.

The Tier 2 weapons include:

  • F2000 (Assault)
  • M60 (Support)
  • UZI (Specialist)
  • QBU-88 Semi-Auto sniper rifle (Recon)
  • USAS-12 Semi-Auto shotgun (Demolition)

With my purchase of the Gold version and a little time spent last night I now have eight of the ten weapons unlocked. Still outstanding are the pre-order and playing the Demo until rank four.

I stole some of this info from Zomgstuff.

Coxxorz's picture

Why would anyone buy a second copy of the game? That's just going to encourage people who want it to do so, and return the new copy they receive to the store they originally bought it at. Way to piss off your whole retail chain...

P.S. Blackwalt: fix your EM tags!

Blackwalt's picture

As it is impossible to pre-order something that is already released it is impossible to qualify for that weapon unlock.

Regardless of how many copies you order....

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Blockbuster Video is renowned for their lateness in receiving stock. Depending how they issue the unlock, it could still be doable.


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