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Is Hockey the Greatest Sport?

By A Troll - Posted on 16 June 2008

So last week StormBlade and I were playing COD4 on X-Box live when StormBlade and another player on the team started discussing the merits of Hockey. StormBlade was saying that Hockey is the Best Sport in the World.

This went on in a civilized manner for maybe thirty seconds or so before it started getting rather heated. I always enjoy listening when StormBlade interacts with the General Population. He normally doesn’t get angry, he just keeps egging them on. He has a real talent for this I must admit. But after about a minute of this StormBlade tells the other gentleman to bugger off and then mutes him. After the game, the other person left and shortly it was just StormBlade and myself, so I say to StormBlade that I do not agree that Hockey is the best sport in the World. I even offered to post it on the HOC site to see what kind of response we would get. So here we are.

Don’t get me wrong, Hockey is fine, but I like other sports as well. So to prove my point to StormBlade, I am asking this simple question: Which sport would you rather watch or participate in:

  1. Hockey.
  2. Woman’s Topless Volleyball.



HardW00D's picture

you can make any sport number 1 by adding topless women to it... topless hockey would be fantastic - better than vollyeball because of the cold conditions of the ice ;)


Coxxorz's picture

Is this Canadian hockey, or American hockey?

A Troll's picture

It would have to be American.

Stormblade's picture

in baseball, our South Americans beat your South Americans!!

Coxxorz's picture

Behind every Stanley Cup (made in Canada, BTW), there is a team of 20% American players, 40% Canadians, and 40% ex-Soviet country players.

Stormblade's picture

On this site, you are dealing with geeks for the most part. Therefore, just as in the US, this group of geeks are not sports fans. Those that are, suffer major deficiencies that make this question completely unfair.

General expected answers to this question.

Q-Bert - Hockey? Is that the one with the bases and the bats??

Coxxorz - Foobies!!!!!

Revek - Womens Topless Volleyball?? You mean I would actually get to see a woman half naked?? Yeah!!!

Blackwalt - I'm a Leafs fan. Enough said, Let's go Volleyball!!

Guba - Hockey. And Blackwalt, get your eyes back in your head before I hit you with a plank ... again.

Akufadumamai - Volleball, but only if I get to have sex with them afterwards.

I can't speak for the rest of them, but for me, it would still be hockey. I will get my foobies elsewhere.

Akuf's picture

You obviously mean co-ed volleyball
And yes as long as I am the only guy on the team you would be right.
Don't forget Ultimate...though I will admit it is a stupid and silly sport but man the women (at least most of them)!!!!

And I don't think Revek would enjoy half naked volleyball with women. Just saying

All that being said I am a huge hockey, lacrosse, tennis and NFL fan, I said NFL because I know a few members here will take offence if I called it football.

As for soccer I am a fan but let's be honest here. Everyone will tell you Soccer is the best sport in the world. Well allow me to translate that into Soccer is the most played sport in the world. IMHO soccer is like wrestling it's more of a dramatic performance than anything else. Especially with the Italians ( and the award for best divers and cheats goes to..... ). And of course who can forget the Portuguese ( and the award for best drama queens/cry babies goes to....). BTW, I don't admit I am Portuguese when soccer is on. But in the same breath I must admit they haven't pulled their usual antics in the Euro YET...

Go Netherlands!!! let Romania win so the Italians and French are eliminated in the first round!!!

Akuf's picture

If you do want to watch women's topless Volleyball.
Let me know because we usually have a tourney in July and August...location TBD when we will let you know

Blackwalt's picture

...could you use where Revek would successful see half naked women?

Strippers or wrestling? He'll end up at wrestling.

Womens Topless Volleyball or hockey? Go Sens.

No argument that he should choose half naked but you know he won't.

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