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HoC Random Dice Towers of the Day - 09192016

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 September 2016

This past Sunday was truly the Day of the Dice Towers

In two week's time Rolly will be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons party for his birthday. Five of his friends will be joining him on his quest. As part of the planning process we have decided to gift all of the attendees with a set of Dungeons & Dragons dice.

Upon further discussion we thought it would be a nice idea to also provide everyone with Dice Towers for their new dice. I had built some Dice Towers before with Hirst Arts bricks but figured I could do something more appropriate (ie: cheap and temporary) out of paper, cardboard, or foamcore. This led to a significant amount of websites and forums that I had never delved into before. Or probably will again.

I came up with four prototypes over the space of the day:

To cut through all the suspense the winner was number three, The Paper Dice Tower and the material winner was card stock.

All of the Dice Towers took similar time and complexity to build. The Paper Dice Tower wasn't unnecessarily complex, provided four baffles for the dice to bounce off, and had a unique design. The Paper Dice Tower folded flat when not in use and used two beams (also card stock) to brace the tower open when in use. It turned out to be solid enough to be used without additional weight. The other two paper towers required weighting down to be used effectively.

There you have it. The Day of the Dice Towers. Now I only need to make five more of The Paper Dice Tower. Anyone have some spare time?

During the Dice Towers photo shoot a blatant photobombing may have occurred.

Although, technically, this could be a Dice Tower photobombing a picture of Furball.

This is Furball deciding that the odd looking Dice Tower on the left is an awesome cat toy. It was barely saved in time. As it didn't make the cut she may be getting it back.

MauriceRevek's picture

Had I known Rolly was into D&D, I would have donated all my old books. I believe I had the full set of either first or second edition rules and about 20 modules. I donated them to the public library on Merivale, so you could always check them out from there.

MauriceRevek's picture

I do have a fair quantity of cast hirst arts bricks that you could use to create new dice towers if you want them.

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