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BvS Review

By Akuf - Posted on 27 March 2016

So I went to see BvS.

No spoiler review
I will start with what I didn't like.

Lex Luthor
Disclaimer: I know nothing of the character other than what he was like in Injustice.
I always thought Lex was supposed to be an uber intelligent, well presented man.

In this he seemed like a spoiled Coked out teenager.
There were actual times when I thought he would be a good joker or even a riddler... But his character was uber annoying....

The first hour, I can see why the critics hated it. It was a huge mess back and forth between scenes with no continuity. I wasn't sure if the scene was a flash back, one of them nightmare scenes or in the present. It was horrendous.

There several things batman has done that wasn't batmanny... I will leave it at that.

Lois Lane.. She's just a waste of space. She was probably meant to be eye candy but... I will leave it at that.

Superman - you could have replaced him with a light post and you wouldn't see any difference

And there were several scenes where I thought "really?" or "seriously" I won't mention what they are as that would spoil it. But I am certain when you see them you will have the same thought.

What I liked...
It had some pretty cool action sequences.

Batman - even though there were a couple of non batmanny things, he did pretty good IMHO.

Alfred - they should have given him more screen time. I thought the chemistry between Bruce and Alfred was amazing. They should have got rid of Lois Lane and given Alfred more screen time.

Wonder woman - though she was on screen briefly, I think her scenes were pretty awesome.

As a whole, I was entertained for a couple of hours.

I would say I felt the same I did when I saw star wars I gave star wars 2/5 if you remember because it was nothing new.

I'm giving this 2.5/5 with all so its flaws at least it was something new to see.

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