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Agents. Your mission starts now.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 08 March 2016

Now. Right now.

Get on it.

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Ok I will have to admit...
This game has me hooked....
Even with the bulletproof hoodies
I am actually torn now on whether to play this or fallout 4.

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Alright after playing this for about six hours, I have to admit I'm enjoying it.

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I played for a couple of hours last night..
I liked it
But then again I also liked Destiny in the beginning as well.

Anyway, here is a question.
The game appears to be classless correct?
In the "level up" screen it appears to only allow me to level up medical stuff.

I am curious before I continue, if that is the way it is?
During the character creation I didn't see any choice for class (unless I missed it).

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Never mind
Another buddy explained the leveling to me..
I may actually enjoy this..

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So I got a free copy of this on PC

I downloaded it yesterday
May give it a shot tonight.

I would ask you to play but I'm in the master race :)

Stormblade's picture

Gaming on a P(iece of)C(rap) doesn't put you in the master race.

There is absolutely nothing I miss about gaming on a PC and every time I try it I remember why I stopped.

Akuf's picture


Seeing as how you're the one saying this
It doesn't surprise me at all that you're having issues.

SeanmcR6's picture

It's installed, let's play!!

oh're in bed :/

Blackwalt's picture

I stayed up until ten.

Until TEN!!

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