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By Q-Bert - Posted on 03 May 2008

So, I am reduced to this: agreeing with Stormblade.

I find myself engrossed in Assassin's Creed (which I borrowed from Revek's house while he's on vacation) because I cannot really switch to anything else until I finish it.

Meanwhile, all you nutsacs are playing GTA or some crap.

I must admit that Assassin's Creed is rather addictive, as there is nothing as relaxing as putting a hidden blade into a guard's back and immediately blending into a crowd. Extra points if you wait for other guards to show up, they bend down over the body, and find that they too seem to have a sudden itch behind the neck.

But can someone explain to me why going 3 km/h on a horse makes you invisible to guards, and going 4 km/h makes you the target of any violent-minded moron in a 120 km radius ? That's the most insane speed limit enforcement I have ever heard of...

Mind you, I am preparing my fourth assassination, and I am dreading the LONG monologue that my victim will spew (cut scene) while dropping to the floor after feeling my blade. I wish I could fast-forward through those. Apparently not.

I find myself wishing their was a multi-player to this game... All you guys would be bored guards...

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But may I recommend stabbing your victims in the mouth?

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