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HoC Random Loaner of the Week - 08082014

By Blackwalt - Posted on 08 August 2014

Well, not a loaner this time, but the same garage. One month later.

First off, everyone involved is fine.

Secondly, I was not involved in this in any way. Except by referring the mechanic. Again.

Thirdly, it was an emergency repair. If you define emergency as leaving oil trails from Farrhaven to Pinecrest Mall. And from the local Timmies to the garage nearest my house. Noticeable oil trails.

Fourthly, the car was in at 3:30, the coffee was delivered to my house by 3:45, and the car was ready before 5:00.

Finally, to the accusation about keeping the mechanic a secret ("Can't believe you've been keeping these guys a secret all this time") ignoring the numerous conversations and the three times Coxxorz dropped me off there I give you (him really) this, this, this, and this. The references are in there, honest.

Coxxorz's picture

Stopping at Timmies on the way to the mechanic was probably a bad idea. Especially when I could *literally* retrace my route back the way I came (see dotted line on ground above).

In other news, we now know how many litres of vital fluids it takes to draw a line from Barrhaven to the Queensway!

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