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Communication: or lack there of

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 October 2007

Admittedly it is the Herd of cats way, but lack of communication is getting in the way of our serious gaming.

Two night ago MoriceRevek sent me an instant message thought MSN when he saw me online. "Did I want to play MUA online?" Well I did but while his IM was sent at 9:39 I did not notice it until 10:30. This was aggravated by Coxxorz's email message at 10:00 also asking if I wanted to play online. I did not check my email until 10:30.

Wasted gaming time due to poor communication. Coxxorz always through email, MoriceRevek through IM. StormBlade through random chance online and Snuffy D? Well, never.

We need a better system.

I know the HoC Calendar on website was for this purpose but its not easy to use.

I know that I have posted online that I was gaming and got no takers.

So we need a better option.

I have considered several options (email group including everyone, a specific IM program like Xfire just for this purpose) and I think I have something. Something we already have available.

Herd of Cats chat

All of us have easy access to a web browser either through dual monitor setups or by clicking on the source button.

Call up the HoC chat before you start and type in that you are starting, what time, what game, and for how long. The chat remembers the last few entries so as long as it not too active you can see who is on and what the are playing. Enough to know, at least, to turn on your Xbox 360 and check your friends list. It would also be polite to sign off when you are done so that Coxxorz doesn't come online at 1:30 AM expecting everyone to still be there.

Let's test this out for a week and see how it works. A pilot program.

Please feel free to post your own idea and/or feedback on this idea. Like you need permission

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