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Project Retirement, ep 4

By Q-Bert - Posted on 12 February 2021

The one where I stand on others' shoulders.

The problem with having a project of this "magnitude" is to evaluate risk. You have to know what you know and you have to know what you don't know. If you don't know what you don't know, you are in trouble...


So, studying and going through courses and certifications permit you to know what you know. In order to know what you don't know, you have to study those that have gone through what you want to go through. Youtube may sound like a bad place to get solid information, but with enough diversity, and adversity, you can get a rather solid picture of the issues, the dangers, and the commitments involved.

For the past 2 years, I've been watching these channels:

Boat life
Sailing Nahoa : Ben and Ashley and now baby, sailing life, international life, boat repairs.

Gone with the Wynns : Jason and Nicki, starting from 0 cruising, boat maintenance, boat repairs, great videography.

Sailing Zatara : Keith and Renee and children, high-end boat ownership, boat maintenance, family life.

Sailing Ruby Rose : Nick and Terysa, boat maintenance, international life.

Sailing followtheboat : Jamie and Liz, boat refurbish, boat repairs, boat maintenance, international life, great videography.

Distant Shores TV : Paul and Sheryl, great videography, pre-youtube.

Ryan & Sophie Sailing : sailing couple life, cross-atlantic crossing.

Electric motor
Sailing Uma : Dan and Kika, boat projects with detailed descriptions, great videography.

Rigging Doctor : Herb and Maddie, boat projects, detailed electric motor installation.

Beau and Brandy : some boat maintenance, great videography.

Boat repairs and projects
Sailing Brick House : Rebecca and Patrick Childress, he passed away of Covid, all boat projects detailed, many cruising tricks, awful videography.

Sailing Britaly : Chris and Rossella, extremely detailed boat projects, extremely detailed cruising tricks.

The O'Kelly's : Nick and Megan, many boat projects, couple life, great videography and great music.

Barefoot Sail & Dive : Davy and Erica, extremely detailed fibreglass repairs and projects.

Sailing Soulianis : Lauren and Kirk, couple life, detailed projects, great videography.

Sailing Project Atticus : Jordan and Desiree, couple life, detailed boat repairs, great videography.

Sailing single handled
The Sailing Frenchman : Hugo, detailed boat projects, how to be zen on a boat, awful videography.

Patrick Laine : detailed everything, musings.

Sam Holmes Sailing : detailed everything, awful videography, SO MANY CUTS.

Christian Williams : Poetry, musings.

Purchasing a boat
Yachts International : Gary, experts in his field of boat purchasing and great explanations on everything. Can't shake the feeling that I would still get fleeced by him.

Solar power and batteries
DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse : Extremely detailed breakdown of batteries.

DavidPoz : David, Detailed construction of batteries.

Ham info
KM4ACK : Jason, Extremely detailed tricks for Ham radio.

HRCC : Josh, good overall description of new radios and modes.

Radio Prepper : Gil, detailed reviews of radios and detailed instructions on building your own antennas.

OH8STN Ham Radio : Julian, detailed reviews on radio from the point of view of emergency response.

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