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Deals with Gold: Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

By Blackwalt - Posted on 25 February 2015

I have mixed feelings about this. Let me explain.

Not about Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. You should definitely buy that. It was an HoC Xbox One Game Recommendation.

Again my issue is with Microsoft's deceptive advertising practices. You remember my complaint about Microsoft using Halo to advertise their Ultimate Game Sale. To be fair, The Master Chief Collection did show up for the last two days at 40% off, but only the last two days and they were using it to draw people in well before that.

No my issue is with Microsoft's 60% off for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition because it makes it seem so appealing. Really 60% off is a good deal. Except for one ugly fact...

Microsoft's online price for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition in the Xbox Store is still a staggering $69.99. For a remastered Xbox 360 game.

A quick check shows everyone else selling the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition box version for $34.99. Canadian. Already 50% off Microsoft's inflated online price. Yes, some of these are sale prices but some aren't and we are comparing sale prices so...

So while Microsoft's $28.00 sale price is technically better than the $34.99 price I have trouble calling it a deal. Particularly when it is advertised at 60% off.

So I still support buying Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition but I would stay away from Microsoft's deal and pick up a retail copy.

$28.00 (or $34.99) is still too much for a game I already own on Xbox 360. My crossover price appears to be $10. Proven with Call of Duty Ghosts and Sniper Elite 3. Although 60% off the actual Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition price of $34.99 would be would be pretty tempting at $14.

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