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I see dead people

By Blackwalt - Posted on 27 August 2007

Herd of Cat style dead people. Regiments of GRAW2 AI officers dead people. Just how many dead AI officers can you imagine?

GRAW2: Coop Exfiltration: in Coop Exfiltration mode players must work together to protect AI officers as they escort them to a helicopter extraction zone through a map populated with enemies.

Key points: "work together," "protect," "escort." With our methods? I just isn't a good time to be an AI officer in GRAW2.

This new game mode has anti-Herd of Cats written all over it. It's discriminatory really... and yet I still want to play it... with you guys... and *sob* I also want to know what happens when you kill the AI officer (by accident).

Its sad at so many levels.

Update: This DLC will be free and at the same time they will be making the previouos DLC free as well. X-Fest!

Stormblade's picture

I just bought GRAW2 on Ebay so I could participate in the killing ... er ... protecting of the AI officers. I'll just follow Blackwalt and Coxxorz around and shoot anything that moves. Of course, I can't hit anything anyway and I am mostly just cannon fodder, but there's always hope.

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Because we are playing tonight.

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I see a new gametype in the making... how fast can you get all your AI officers killed? For an extra challenge, how fast without killing them yourself?

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No habla engles

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