You are hereI blame Coxxorz for making me a winner.

I blame Coxxorz for making me a winner.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 17 September 2007

What am I ever going to do with 3 Xbox 360's

Blackwalt, way to go!

You have been selected as a potential winner in the Pepsi®, Frito Lay*, Doritos* and Gatorade® GAME ON with SIDNEY CROSBY Promotion! That means you could be the winner of an Xbox 360™ Core video game and entertainment System.
In order to be verified as a winner, and claim the prize, you will have to complete the following steps within 6 days of this email notification being sent:

1. Please visit
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. Enter the following Prize Redemption Code: xxxxxxx
4. Correctly answer the mathematical skill-testing question.
5. Agree to and accept the online Release Forms.
6. Hold onto your original Entry or UPC Code, as you may need to submit it for Verification purposes.

Once you have correctly answered the skill-testing question and accepted the online release form you will be confirmed a winner.

Frack! Please allow approximately 8 to 10 weeks for verification and shipment of your prize.

Please keep this email for your records.

The Pepsi®, Frito Lay*, Doritos* and Gatorade® Team

Do not respond to this e-mail address as it is not a valid return address and is not monitored.

**See Official Contest rules for more details.

Q-Bert's picture

So, is this legit or is it just a scam ? The description you gave sounded way too much like a Reader's Digest "You Won!" letter.....

Blackwalt's picture

I have responded with the skill testing question and am awaiting arrival.

I am sure we can reach an agreeable price involving cash and a copy of NHL 08 (for 360).

MauriceRevek's picture


Q-Bert's picture



MauriceRevek's picture


I need a second one for when Jesse comes down. Or a X-Mas present for Jesse, whichever one means I can have an X-box in my basement, and one in my bedroom.

(Blackwalt, let me know when I have driven the price high enough)

Blackwalt's picture

Although I haven't heard any mention of EA's NHL 08 yet

MauriceRevek's picture

$165 + NHL 08 + a Halo 3 Moindew Bottle

Q-Bert's picture

He can borrow "mine" when he comes over to your place.

$165.05 + NHL '08 + a bottle of Halo 3 MOUNTAIN DEW. (Spell it right...)

MauriceRevek's picture

You see, I was not sure if official Halo 3 MOUNTAIN Dew was going to be sold in Canada, as it will probably be violating caffein content regulations, so I purposfully mispelled it to give myself some leeway, so I could give him a bottle filled with spatoon fillings, slap a Halo 3 label on it and call it MOUTAIN Dew.

But since you have offered a real bottle of official Halo3 Mountain Dew, you can go to the US and pick one up.

Coxxorz's picture

I thought "Moindew" was the Quebec version, implying that it contains "Less Dew" than the English variety.

Q-Bert's picture

since you have me by my short and curlies.. you might as well take advantage of it...

Stormblade's picture

He's got you by your chest hair??

Coxxorz's picture

And I thought he was holding a rabbit in that picture...

Q-Bert's picture

It *does* look like a rabbit.... ahahahah

Q-Bert's picture

Pick me, or this sites gets it...

Wow that should be around my birthday. How weird is that.

Blackwalt's picture

If only I knew who this person was?

If they had bothered to sign in they would have received an nice birthday gift.

Too late. Too bad.

Ice's picture

Ok must remember to login before responding

Coxxorz's picture

And you should give it to ME, so I have the most consoles again and balance is restored to the Force.

Coxxorz's picture

Wasn't there a thread on here about some poor clan bastard needing an Xbox 360? Can't recall who it was...

Stormblade's picture

He bought a laptop and therefore forfeited any claim...

Stormblade's picture

I need a second one. You know, just in case of problems. Since you have no other possible use for it, it seems to make sense to me.

Ice's picture

I almost posted my blog about roaming around toronto yesterday looking for an xbox360 that wasn't the halo version. But i didn't

Coxxorz's picture

Does that decipher to "There are lots of Halo edition 360's in TO"? I can't find an entry in the lexicon for that.

That translates to there only seems to be Halo editions in Toronto.

Coxxorz's picture

Did you happen to see any at Blockbuster Video, by any chance?

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