What if you held a war and nobody showed up?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 August 2007

Arrgggh!! We forgot to go to war!!!

I was reminded as we drove my the Coliseum today and I said to Guba, "Arrgggh!! We forgot to go to war!!!"

Now, she knows me pretty well by now but, based on her stare, I'm thinking this had her a little worried.

Note about Medal of Honor Airborne

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 August 2007

OXM only scores it 7.5. I had been expecting substantially better.

Not a strong rating. I think they are jaded by too many WWII games and killing Nazis again. The twist of parachuting in only happens at the start of a level (mostly).

Multiplayer has all allies parachuting in and all Axis defending from the ground all the time. They like this except who would ever want to play Axis?

I had been looking at picking this up if there was enough clan interest but with only 3 weeks until Halo 3, I think I'll wait. Read more

Friday night KillFest -- please??

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 August 2007

I need to kill things on Live.

A kitchen sink replacement and the myriad ways it could go wrong and the 6 trips to Home Depot (2 caused by their staff) have put me in a mood.

I'd rather take it out on AIs than on my family.

I can hold myself back until tonight...

Looking for Imac G3 wireless adapter.

By Q-Bert - Posted on 30 August 2007

Anyone got one of them lying around?

I got a wireless card from Blackwalt, but the iMac didn't come with the adapter dammit. I wonder why that was overlooked again...


By Stormblade - Posted on 30 August 2007

That's my Live handle. I knew Stormblade was a write-off, but my backup, Stormblade99, was taken as well. So that's what I'm stuck with. I should come up with something unique like Blackwalt. At least until a Rapper takes it ...

So how do I set up that playing status thing?

Over the wall and into Hell

By Stormblade - Posted on 30 August 2007

Ok, I admit it.

I have NO idea what took me so long to get an XBox 360. Maybe it was anti-Microsoft sentiment, maybe it was lack of funds (more likely). I don't know.

But when I fired up Call of Duty 3 last night, I just couldn't believe my eyes. I have never seen anything or played anything like that. It was so pretty, I wanted to cry. Read more

Guess what... You asked for it, here it is. Chats online.

By Q-Bert - Posted on 29 August 2007

They will appear on the left menu.
I created a generic chatroom. I don't know if it will actually stick around. I will drop into the room on occasion in the next 20 mins.

GRAW 2 Throwback Pack #1 and #2

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 August 2007

Download them now!

GRAW 2 Throwback Pack 2 just became available and is free.

GRAW 2 Throwback Pack 1 just became free with the release of Pack 2.

And, oh yeah, I am now back online...

And for our slightly slower users, these downloads are available through the Xbox Live Marketplace, not in game.

Warning! Update imminent!

By Q-Bert - Posted on 29 August 2007

I am bored at work, so I will upgrade the Drupal engine to a development version so that we may try a Chatroom module. The site may be in "toilet seat" mode for an hour.


By Stormblade - Posted on 29 August 2007

If you, like me, are a complete cheapskate and refuse to pay a cent more than you have to for anything, you need this software. It runs on most anything, even Q-Bert's Mac, and it allows you to manage your ebay auction items with consummate ease. It also allows for 'sniping'. Read more

Finally found the September Game Informer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 August 2007

So I was surprised to see EBGames selling magazines again.

In fact the were selling the Game Informer issue that I was looking for in this story.

I know you all remember me talking about Borderlands and its four player coop over live.

Since I was there, Guba had me throw something else onto the receipt.

As you know I love my wife and will do anything to please her (the fear is additional incentive).

See you online. Soon.... Read more

"It sounds like you have a hardware problem"

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 August 2007

Oh really?

Because with the term 3 red lights of death floating around I was expected a simple reset to fix everything and I was expecting that MS Xbox support would be able to do it from their end. In India.

Yes, a hardware problem but no trouble your Xbox 360 is still under warranty.
"For this problem?"
No completely under warranty.
"Despite this rendition being purchased in January 2006?"
That's what it shows here.

Keep reading, still not to the important part... Read more

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

By Stormblade - Posted on 28 August 2007

And it works!!

Now if I only had a 15 foot Ethernet cable to connect to my router ...

Rogers Video 2 for $30 is back

By Coxxorz - Posted on 28 August 2007

Now is the time to catch up on those XBox games you passed over at full price! Rogers Video is selling all previously played video games at 2 for $30. That's right, all.


By Coxxorz - Posted on 28 August 2007

This is awesome:

I think Microsoft should adopt their marketing strategy, and sell Xbox 360's in both a 1-year lifespan and 3-year lifespan models.

Oh, wait- I guess they already do.

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