Warning! Update imminent!

By Q-Bert - Posted on 29 August 2007

I am bored at work, so I will upgrade the Drupal engine to a development version so that we may try a Chatroom module. The site may be in "toilet seat" mode for an hour.


By Stormblade - Posted on 29 August 2007

If you, like me, are a complete cheapskate and refuse to pay a cent more than you have to for anything, you need this software. It runs on most anything, even Q-Bert's Mac, and it allows you to manage your ebay auction items with consummate ease. It also allows for 'sniping'. Read more

Finally found the September Game Informer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 August 2007

So I was surprised to see EBGames selling magazines again.

In fact the were selling the Game Informer issue that I was looking for in this story.

I know you all remember me talking about Borderlands and its four player coop over live.

Since I was there, Guba had me throw something else onto the receipt.

As you know I love my wife and will do anything to please her (the fear is additional incentive).

See you online. Soon.... Read more

"It sounds like you have a hardware problem"

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 August 2007

Oh really?

Because with the term 3 red lights of death floating around I was expected a simple reset to fix everything and I was expecting that MS Xbox support would be able to do it from their end. In India.

Yes, a hardware problem but no trouble your Xbox 360 is still under warranty.
"For this problem?"
No completely under warranty.
"Despite this rendition being purchased in January 2006?"
That's what it shows here.

Keep reading, still not to the important part... Read more

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

By Stormblade - Posted on 28 August 2007

And it works!!

Now if I only had a 15 foot Ethernet cable to connect to my router ...

Rogers Video 2 for $30 is back

By Coxxorz - Posted on 28 August 2007

Now is the time to catch up on those XBox games you passed over at full price! Rogers Video is selling all previously played video games at 2 for $30. That's right, all.


By Coxxorz - Posted on 28 August 2007

This is awesome:

I think Microsoft should adopt their marketing strategy, and sell Xbox 360's in both a 1-year lifespan and 3-year lifespan models.

Oh, wait- I guess they already do.

I see dead people

By Blackwalt - Posted on 27 August 2007

Herd of Cat style dead people. Regiments of GRAW2 AI officers dead people. Just how many dead AI officers can you imagine?

GRAW2: Coop Exfiltration: in Coop Exfiltration mode players must work together to protect AI officers as they escort them to a helicopter extraction zone through a map populated with enemies. Read more


By Q-Bert - Posted on 27 August 2007

That's going to be my next monitor... Screw Maurice ...

Day one - on the run

By Ice - Posted on 27 August 2007

Prior to my escape I had been part of an experiment involving monkey bars and swinging. Apparently my IQ wasn't high enough to warn me not to participate. The results were used by the Mad Scientist to find the correct specimen.

The pain was tolerable but getting worse.... Read more

Four people online right now

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 August 2007


Where is the fracking chat???

Hey! Ice is Here!

By Stormblade - Posted on 26 August 2007

Anyone know any good cow jokes?

Escape from the mad scientist

By Ice - Posted on 26 August 2007

Ok. I'll admit they all seemed normal. I should have known better.

It was a small compound in a wooded area, just a few miles from the border. The perfect location for the sick experiments within.

It wasn't till the second night that I realized the purpose. To create a genetically superior monkey. Project "Build a Monkey", I'm sure it was an alcohol conceived conspiracy to make a monkey smarter than a cat. Read more

Another Xbox 360 post

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 August 2007

No reason.

For another "no particular reason" I now know that an Xbox 360 Elite comes with a wired headset, an ethernet cable, a component video cable, an audio break out adapter, a hdmi cable as well as the standard 120 gb HD, xbox console, and power stuff.

And no, I only had it in my hands...

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

By Stormblade - Posted on 26 August 2007

If you add it to the worst movie list, I will vote. It is the only movie I have ever bought that I threw in the garbage.

And I have never seen any of those on your list. I take it that's a good thing.


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