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Glowing green fairy needs food badly

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 March 2008

Did we just spend $60 on a glorified expansion pack?
Angelina is sad: because of her glowing camouflage?Angelina is sad: because of her glowing camouflage?Admittedly, I haven't played the single player campaign yet but it will have to be pretty good to make up for the deficiencies in the multi player.

I originally thought I was being too hard in my initial impressions but as I played it I became a little more disillusioned. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed playing but:

  • When did CADPAT (CAnadian Disruptive PATtern) become CAHIAOHTGPAT (CAnadian Hey I Am Over Here Terrorist Guy Disruptive PATtern). Seriously, we were GLOWING!
  • Almost all of the multi player maps were remakes - if not all. To avoid confusion they didn't even bother to rename them! Same name, same maps. I can't imagine they didn't have time to make new maps so it really seems like they cheapened out. They did steal maps from all previous iterations of Rainbow Six so at least there was some randomness but usually remade maps are for downloadable content not for new games.
  • As you can see from the screen shot, the add your own face feature created a blue face. My character was glowing Blue and Green at the same time. Let's make it easy for the bad guys shall we?
  • of course, the AI needed the help as it didn't seem to see any improvement. Enter map, make noise, hunker down and defend while 90% of the AI characters charge your position without using cover. They did seem to add the run away from the fight without using any cover feature which did make it easier to shoot them down! More experience awarded for shooting them in the back by the way although its not much of a lesson in sportsmanship. Also they had a tendency to throw more grenades at you but the terrorist grenade supply seems short on the lethal variety. They can flash me or stun me as much as they like, it doesn't stop my bullets from being lethal to them.
  • The conversations between the terrorists contained more swearing and a little more variety than Rainbow Six Vegas 1. I definitely seemed to hear it more and much clearer. Theoretically they had AI squad leaders who you were supposed to target first but I didn't notice it having any effect on gameplay.
  • co-op 2-10 (for terrorist hunt) which is printed on the box really means co-op 2-4. Typo I guess as I wouldn't want to call it misleading advertising. Wait! That's what it was! My bad.
  • co-op campaign is 2 player only, so this upgrade is actually a downgrade from the original 4 player support in Vegas 1.

After the stellar COD4 (no co-op of course) the bar was raised in first person shooters and it seems that Ubisoft didn't bother to keep up.

My biggest problem is that Rainbow Six Vegas was such a stellar game, almost the perfect FPS, definitely at the time it was launched and is still one of my favourite Xbox 360 games. I, like everyone else, was expecting Vegas 2 to be a much larger leap forward than it turned out to be.

I expect that it is the anticipation for Vegas 2 that will be its undoing. Gamers expected Vegas 2 to live up to Vegas 1 and sadly, the developers didn't take the time to fulfill that promise.

I only have three 50+ hour Xbox 360 games: Crackdown, Call of Duty 4, and Rainbow Six Vegas. I don't think there is any danger of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 getting near that mark.

I would expect that we will play more of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, just for the newness and the co-op features but the conversation between Stormblade and Coxxorz as I left for the night was telling:

    Coxxorz: "so, you going to stay in?"
    Stormblade: "I was thinking of switching to Cod4."
    Coxxorz: "I'll see you there..."
Stormblade's picture

is that the first thought that came to my head when I saw your character was "Green-blue fairy needs food badly".

Are our lives sad or what?!?

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