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Hey Admin!!

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 11 January 2008

I cannot see the polls or the search option after I log in. I can see them fine when I am not logged in, but as soon as I log in, they go away. Are you trying to tell me that my vote is not important? That my opinion does not matter? Should we then switch our polling section to use the Diebold (ack! now the secret service is going to show up at my door!) software? Or are we already using it?

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Replace "my opinion" with your name and then "yes."

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When I first was logged in, it was on the bottom left, now its on the top.

But to answer your general question, your opinion likely doesn't count.

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Did not change anything. All it did was reboot my computer, clear my activation, give me the finger and formated my drives.

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Do this next:
Take your Windows installation CD and snap it in half. Now place your 24" monitor in the box, and take it to Blackwalt's. The CPU you can leave on the side of the road. Now go out and buy a nice, shiny new iMac. Or wait for whatever ridiculously cool new product Apple announces on Tuesday.

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I snapped the CD in half like you said, but then something strange happened. It sort of melted into a pool of shiny metalic liquid, then the 2 halfs moved towards one another and recombined. But that is not all! The pool of liquid then started to grow, and turned into a small robot! It had a tiny little gun, and started to shoot me!! At least it did not hurt, but it sure stung like hell. While it was peppering me with its tiny bullets, it moved to my pile of blank CD's. Now this is the strangest thing of all. While shooting at me, it reached out with its hand towards the pile of blank CD's. Two little tentacles shot out from its wrists, and planted themselves in the pile of CD's. You will not believe what happened next. Every one of those CD's turned into a copy of Windows Bob. Except for the topmost one, which turned into Microsoft Windows Ultimate.

But then it did the most cruel thing that it could ever do. It said to me: "If you do not want the same thing to happend to your Games, reinstall Windows Vista on your PC immediatly. You will then take each of the other CD's to everybody you know that owns a Mac. You will infiltrate their homes, and install Bob on their Macs. Now that they have an Intel chip inside, you can install it. Fortunatly, Mac OS X was based on Bob, so they should not notice any differences. Soon Microsoft will be installed on all machines! They will be ASS-imilated."

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It's just you.


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