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Superman vs. Batman

By Blackwalt - Posted on 11 September 2013

This about sums it up

Via 9GAG.

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this my beef: RANT MODE "ON"

- At no point has this movie ever been referred to as a "Vs." film. It's Superman/Batman, like the current DC comics title. It's a team up. Like World's Finest before it. Like Justice League light. It's not a superhero vs. superhero film. There will likely be animosity between the two. There always is in the origin films (like Avengers) and every time Bruce and Clark meet in the comics Bruce asserts his dominance. Batman was the first to discover the Clark is Superman, Batman is the world's greatest strategist and makes sure that Superman knows if he ever goes rogue, the Bat will take him down. Outside of that, a handful of losers have taken this thing way out to left field with the whole "vs." thing.

Having said all of that, the second they named Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne I decided that no matter what, this movie does not, will not and has never existed. It is dead to me. Much like Superman IV: Quest for Peace .... wait, what??!



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It will be Superman vs Batman. It will start off where they don't know each other. Someone will manipulate them into fighting each other. They will then realize their mistake and team up to take the real bad guy down.

You know this is what will happen. It's happened many times in the comic books as well. Most notably in the Dark Knight Returns mini-series where Superman was forced by Luthor to go after senior Batman (as in old, not Mexican).

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I can lend it to you. I have both of them. Superman wasn't really manipulated. Luthor/Brainiac was President and was holding Lois/Kandor captive. He was ordered to kill Batman, but doesn't do it. He turns on the President with the help of Captain Marvel and thanks to Batman's ingenuity order is restored.

That's ONE HELL of a story to tell in a 120 minutes. It's nothing like anything that anyone has followed before. They can't do it justice in a movie made for a mainstream audience. This film (whatever it ends up being) will suck.

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I also had / have both. Can't remember if I sold the first one or not. And yes, I have read both series many times. As well as other stories where they fought. Some from alternate timelines, universes, future, past, etc... There was even a Superman vs Spider-man cross over story I believe.

The point is, they fought. Just like the Avengers fought each other in the movie adaptation. Everybody always wants to see Sups fight Bats so that it feeds the never ending argument, which one would beat the other. Blackwalt will say Bats.

And when someone orders you to do something you do not want to do, that is a form of manipulation. You are being made to do something that you would not otherwise do under normal circumstances. Call it blackmail, manipulation, whatever. Even your statement "Superman wasn't really manipulated" lends itself to indicate that you admit there is some manipulation. Weather the manipulation is done subtly (i.e. Blackwalt says you have a big doodoo head. You should put a landmine in his shorts.) Or not so subtle (I shall smash your prized possession if you do not do my bidding) are both forms of manipulation:

b : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage

Dictionary win!

I hear JJ Abrams will be free. Not doing ST3. Maybe he will do Sups vs Bats. Can you say Lens Flares on heat vision?

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because do to the inclusion of Affleck (and the possible inclusion of Justin Beiber) this film does not exist.

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They might as well cast Miley Cyrus as Lois Lane now, and bury the whole franchise.


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I'm actually curious how BA will do in that role. There is some potential there. And JB. That has Oscar whiner written all over it.

Actually, I saw an interview with Mark Whalberg not long ago, where he talks about doing a movie with JB, and his own transition from Marky Mark to MW. If he (JB) goes along the same path, there could be potential there as well. But he would have to stop being... whatever it is he is these days, and mature.

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Best. Dyslexism. Ever.

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But that one was not dyslexia, it was deliberate:

"Where's my Oscar? I deserve one! I'm JB! WWWWWAAAAAAAAA"


Please stop talking.


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