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This is why I hate you guys

By Blackwalt - Posted on 10 April 2013

Some of the time. Most of the time. Fine, all of the *cough,* *cough.*

Last weekend Graybush and I were at Stormblade's place. Knowing there was a coming alignment of Zombieness on the 16th of April and with the 16th also being a certain clan members birthday, I took the opportunity to discuss what we should do to commemorate it on the website. I needed the help as the guy who usually makes my countdown clocks is the guy whose birthday it is.

All I will admit to is that, technically, I started the conversation...

    Blackwalt: "I wanted to get your idea on something."

    Stormblade: "Sure"

    Blackwalt: "On the 16th Dead Island Riptide releases,"

    Stormblade: "Ok."

    Blackwalt: "Also on the 16th is the new DLC for Black Ops II"

    Stormblade: "Awesome."

    Blackwalt: "And its also Coxxorz birthday so I was thinking..."

    Stormblade (cutting me off): "You want to do a LAN party!"

    Blackwalt: "No, that's not what..."

    Graybush (cutting us both off, and jumping into the conversation): "I was going to talk to you guys about a LAN party. It's been a while."

    Blackwalt: (trying to take back the conversation) "No, that's not what..."

    Stormblade: "Yes, we're thinking about it for Dead Island and Black Ops 2 DLC."

    Blackwalt (very clearly): "No. I. Am. Not."

    Stormblade (briefly glancing at me): "The weekend after the 16th"

    Graybush: "This month? I can do that. Friday or Saturday."

    Blackwalt (sarcastically): "Am I even here?"

    Stormblade: "Saturday works best for me."

    Graybush: "The twentieth? I can do that, I'll write that in."

    Stormblade and Graybush (both looking at me): "does that work for you?"

With both Stormblade and Graybush finally looking at me I knew it was time for me to take back control of the conversation. Getting us back to the website and figuring out what to do. Here I go.

    Blackwalt : "I think Coxxorz should host."

On a totally unrelated note Coxxorz is hosting a four player co-op day to commemorate the release of Dead Island Riptide and the Call of Duty Uprising DLC. Also apparently for his birthday. Don't tell him about it though as it's supposed to be a surprise!

PS- you are not one of the four.

PPS- Don't expect anything on the site for the coming alignment of Zombieness.

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Riptide seems to be scheduled for the 23rd, not the 16th.

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But just out of curiosity, what was your original idea?

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Oh well, on to plan H.


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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