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Herd of Cats plays Rainbow Six Vegas 2

By Blackwalt - Posted on 19 March 2008

Tim Buckley over at Ctrl-Alt-Del writes this comic, "What happens in Vegas...,"
as if he knows us.

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And let me tell you, what a terribly rushed game that one was (I played the PS3 version, on split screen co-op). A list of things that sucked about it:

1) The background scenery, unlike the first one, looked like it came from N64. Come on, when I fly over Vegas I would like to see at least a couple cars on the streets.

2) The audio was glitchy as all hell.

3) Dialog between characters was ... well shit, I would actually prefer listening to Kayne & Lynch dialog anyday.

4) The game crashed 3 times.

5) The time it took to beat the game was 6 hours.

6) Oh, and there is a stupid experience system they added, which means you don't have access to any good weapons. Which is retarded as hell since you are Rainbows, and should be given choice of any weapons from the start.

7) Of course there are your usually loads of texture errors and glitches.

8) The menu interfaces were not really any better then the first one, which were very confusing.

Final Verdict:

Well I had payed $70 for this game I would have murdered someone. It would have been sent back to Ubisoft with a big F*ck You note written inside. The fact that it is getting 8-8.5 out of 10 reviews at the top review sites makes me extreme worried. Sure you can move and shoot guys, like any other FPS, but the graphics blow, audio sucks, story line was made by a 5 year old, and the game was really really buggy. I don't understand how that equals a 8/10.

I give this piece of game a 5/10. Stick with the first one.

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Some observations on the allegedly superior Xbox 360 version (some of which are mentioned already in Stormblade's musings (mousings?):

1) Graphics look the same (but worse in some places). What was probably supposed to be anti-aliasing comes across as misplaced motion blur.

2) Running is a welcome addition. Still can't jump or go prone. Rainbows must have bad knees.

Bizarre things from the host's perspective:

3) It's possible to (accidently) launch the round without everybody being set to "ready". Really, why bother having the Ready status at all?

4) The host can't change game modes without backing out and losing the whole party. This is an incomprehensible carryover from the last version. It's bad form even for a launch title in this day and age, but an A-list sequel? Unacceptable.

5) Selecting a new map for the next round causes it to load immediately, dumping everyone out of whatever character configuration they were in the middle of and starting the next round.

6) You can't talk during said loading screen, making it impossible to explain to your guests why #5 happened.

These fall under the "WTF?!!" category:

7) I understand how you would want to respawn near your buddies, but more often than not, it was in front of them, placing you right in the line of fire. A little private joke by the developers?

8) Some maps looked VERY familiar. Is there a map writers' strike on?

And last but not least, the "Damn Lies" category:

9) Not only is the online co-op campaign unimproved over last version, it's suffered a downgrade to just 2 players. Co-op Terrorist Hunt has a limit of 4, making me wonder how they could get away with writing "Co-op 2-10" on the box, in any way, shape, or form. Did they know that people wouldn't have bothered to buy it if they knew the truth? I know I wouldn't have.

Worst sequel ever. Very glad I didn't pay full price.

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Observation #10: You have to launch a game by yourself before you can invite people into it.

While you're busy digging through the shitty menus to find out how to invite people, the clock is ticking and terrorists are closing in on you. I can't believe that in this day and age, any game that has multiplayer can get away without a proper party system. There are plenty of examples out there of how to do it right. The Ubisoft way was good... five years ago.

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The PS3 port for this game was suppose to be shitty, but still. Usually when you make a sequel you try to improve something in the past games. Like the horrible menus, which was clearly not done.

Now if you look at the new Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for the DS, well now there is a true sequel. Everything that was bad about the previous Advance Wars: Dual Strike was fixed in the newest release.

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I am accepting donations.

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Frankly I say return that piece of crap.

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As I tumbled towards my death, falling down the collapsed elevator shaft in R6V1 last night, several thoughts went through my head simultaneously. 1) I probably should have waited for the other bickering idiots before scaling the elevator shaft. 2) I should not have taunted the aforementioned idiots by stating that I was going to get the first kill because I was so far ahead of them. 3) I perhaps should have heeded Blackwalt's warning that there may indeed be more than one bad guy at the top of the shaft and, 4) the bastard was referring to me in that freaking cartoon!!!

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This was us:

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So not only has this become a porn filter site, but now we're posting images from

The floodgates have been opened... don't say I didn't warn you!

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... and they can be cute and evil...

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That we are no longer automaticaly tied off when we hit the 'A' button to repel down? We have to play a mini game that will have us tie off a half inch sailors not with a double mint twist, then throw the rope over the edge? I think they are getting to far into realism. I mean c'mon. Don't all terrorist that take over a building expect to have repel lines for the counter attack pre-installed by the swat goffers?

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who lost the fight with the door, don't forget.

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+1, etc.

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Is trying to understand what MoriceRevek is saying through all the typos, mis-spelling and grammatical errors.

Achievement gained: MoriceRevek comprehension 20g

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I don't get it ...

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