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The Rye Wars: now this is awkward

By Blackwalt - Posted on 03 January 2013

Another new entry

By Coxxorz.

Which yes, is just awkward. One has to assume that there hasn't been much conversation between Mrs. Coxxorz and Coxxorz himself otherwise we may have avoided this situation.

Not that I care much beyond more Rye for Me!

Anyway, under my tree in the previously discussed gift bag I discovered a bottle of Forty Creek Cream Liquor:

    Forty Creek Cream Liquor is crafted with fresh dairy cream which has been delicately blended with our finest spirits and award winning Forty Creek Whisky.

    Enjoy the rich flavours of vanilla, chocolate and caramel.

    Forty Creek Cream is the perfect after dinner choice, served over ice or in your favourite coffee.

Now it would have been seemed perfectly normal to me to receive this bid (for my affections) from Coxxorz if he had been first. Receiving it after Mrs. Coxxorz bid was surprising and, yes, a little bit awkward. Well, okay, a lot awkward.

I don't know how to break this to Coxxorz but if I am going to be in a love triangle it is going to be with two women (okay, fine, or Stormblade but he called dibs).

I digress. Ignoring the Coxxorz' theoretical marital bliss let us discuss what is important, the Forty Creek Cream Liquor which, quite frankly is very, very good. Although to be fair I haven't had any of Coxxorz' gift yet as it is still sealed and anxiously awaiting a late night visit from me.

I have been, however, liberally sampling from the bottle of Forty Creek Cream Liquor that Guba received under the Christmas tree. As can be attested by her scream of dismay from the kitchen last night, "my bottle's half empty already!"

She kids. It's three quarters empty. Well it is now but I've only been up for a couple of hours. Give me time.

Oh, Coxxorz? Thanks for the cream liquour. You are now in last place. Congratulations. You earned last place because I am more afraid of your wife than I am of you.

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