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MS Xbox Live says thanks

By Blackwalt - Posted on 16 November 2012

Blackwalt, thank you for being among the most loyal members of Xbox LIVE.

And they are apparently serious about it.

It is a thank you for being there since the beginning. I would prefer an Xbox Console over an email but still, at least they appreciate the fact I have been there since the beginning.

Also with me (from HoC) is Coxxorz, and Dark Nightowl. I had thought Snuffy D as well but apparently he broke his streak about 8 years ago. If you check your gamer card there is a number on the right side of the orange bar at the top. This is your tenure and is notorious for being one year short as it is awarded when you pay for your next year's membership. So you get a 1 after you pay for the 2nd year. So our 9s mean we have been there 10 years. Snuffy D has a 7 and the next closest to our 9s is Hardwood with an 8. So kudos to you Hardwood. For nothing.

The full graphic is after the break but it is pretty shrunk down to make it fit.

The important details are:

  • 324 hours of multiplayer in the last year (doesn't that seem low?)
  • 0 (zero) hours using entertainment apps on Xbox Live (seems accurate)
  • 58 friends on Xbox Live (some of them have left and I think Ice is duplicated)

Akuf's picture

Well I got the same email.

Though technically I have been there for 10 years, in fact I got the membership at launch.
However, my original XBOX Live ID (AKUFADUM) could not be recovered as I could not remember anything I used (ie password etc.) oh well... I "enhanced" my first xbox, but I got a new one just to play Halo 2 online.

That said my online participation was:

I guess I have a better social life...

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Though I have to admit, 9 hours seems low for me as well.

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Yet I have played some BF1943 in the past couple months...

Coxxorz's picture

Or is it EA's fault? Hard to tell.

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