You are hereI'm pretty much a single console kind of guy – but still...

I'm pretty much a single console kind of guy – but still...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 12 October 2012

I really only posted this because of Swag's appearance at the very end. You'll know it.

I don't know the original Nicki Minaj song, I will have to listen to it on Ice's ipod next time he visits.

Via Geeks are sexy.

Coxxorz's picture

I kinda feel like they're average-looking women with unremarkable dance skills doing mediocre choreography to a passable parody of a garden-variety dance tune.

But that's just my moderate opinion.

MauriceRevek's picture

I don't know what was more annoying. the bad lipsynching, or the overuse of that voice modulating whatchamacallit.

Swag's picture

All I see is a bunch of no-talent attention whores with bad lip syncing.

Welcome to the internet you might be saying.

As for the Steam part, that was good. And when Steam's Big Picture and rumored Hardware solution becomes available, consoles will be all but obsolete!

There is also the Ouya to help with indie/smaller apps!

And for Aku's late night internet viewings, there is the Oculus Rift

Akuf's picture

I have them all...

And I would... ahem... take them all too. Even with the bad lip syncing.

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