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Xbox Live on OSX

By Q-Bert - Posted on 03 February 2008

So, I am now running Xbox Live Friends on my Mac. It's OK. Hard to get going as it constantly gives Java errors when you initially start it. But, once it's up, it seems OK.

The Good News is that I can now see when everyone is playing. The Bad News is that unlike you hosers, I don't seem to have the time to actually play anything. So this application is proving to be just depressing to me.

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To prevent getting that error window, start Safari and login to the Xbox Live site, and make sure to check the "REMEMBER MY LOGIN AND PASSWORD" radio button. Once done, you can close Safari. Then start Xbox Live Friends and the login window will now appear from the Xbox Live site with your info pre-entered. Click on "Complete Auto-Login" and the app should start properly.

It's really a nice little app, you know.

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Fired it up. Hit command-L to login and started using it no problem.

I think it must have been an error-13 ...

... insufficient user intelligence error.

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...they don't post system requirements or any troubleshooting links on the product page. No worky for me.

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Gimme a screen print of the error you get, and I can probably help ya.

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Just pops up in the dock and disappears. Tiger only?

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Now I can see that Q-Bert isn't on Live.

But of course, that's nothing new.

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Are you working??

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Maybe he thinks that he's better than you guys.

Stormblade's picture

I mean ... really

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