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So Rolly and I went skating

By Blackwalt - Posted on 16 March 2012

With a friend

Rolly has been in a March Break Camp all week. Thursday was supposed to be a skating day at Barbara Ann Scott Arena but a friend had called and asked him to come and skate with him instead.

He was a friend so we pulled Rolly out of camp early and headed over to his friend's little rink. It took a while to find but eventually we got there and got ready to go skating.

Found it!Found it!

Someone may have been in a bit of a hurry to get on the ice.

Skates! Put them on! Now!Skates! Put them on! Now!

Here is a picture of Rolly and I with his friend.

Nice kitty. Please don't eat the little BatmanNice kitty. Please don't eat the little Batman

Yes, so Sparty had invited Rolly (and I technically) to come skating at Scotiabank Plaza with him.

It was pretty busy.

Where is everyone?Where is everyone?

Okay, maybe not. It was a great skating opportunity for Rolly who insisted on doing twenty laps. And he did skate all twenty while dragging me around with him.

More pictures!

Found them Dad!Found them Dad!

Benched! What did I do!Benched! What did I do!

My shift! About time coach!My shift! About time coach!


What's in here dad?What's in here dad?

Just as we left the ice Spartacat handed us a card to take home with us:

Wait a minute! Hearts! Ohhh! That darn cat!Wait a minute! Hearts! Ohhh! That darn cat!

And putting aside the amorous cat for now, here's some video.

That's Rolly in the Team Canada jersey heading for the bench.

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