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Canadian SOPA in 2 weeks

By Akuf - Posted on 30 January 2012

We all have our differences.

But, one thing I am sure we can all agree on, is this must be stopped.

I am sure since most of us are in the media business we have seen this already.

Write your MP

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just need to stop using their walkmans for a second and talk to people who actually know how to use the internet.

Then make an informed decision.

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Consumers want affordable, portable media, and the content industry is not prepared for that. MPAA/RIAA need to adapt to this reality, and stop attacking Canadian consumers rights through our political system.

After their failure in the U.S., the lobby groups have set their sights on their perceived "weaker" neighbours to the north. Let's show them we're not the pushovers they think we are, and we plan on holding onto our rights. I'm proposing not that we match what American consumers did, but exceed it. Who is willing to go a full month without going to the movies, or buying or renting movies or music of any kind? We could call it Black March.

Rebecca would be proud.

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"Canadian consumers rights"

The title of consumers.....presumes you are PAYING for your content...not torrenting pirated copies for free.

"Who is willing to go a full month without going to the movies, or buying or renting movies or music of any kind?"

I know over two dozen people who have gone YEARS without buying/renting anything...they think people are idiots for paying for this stuff when you can download it all for free. This is why MPAA is pushing for these laws.

While I don't agree with SOPA entirely in how it's written/presented, something needs to be done to protect content producers. Period. I say this as a content producer myself. Not everyone involved are multi-million dollar record labels or movie studios....

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You're right about that. But those are the people who will find some way to get all their content for free no matter what legislation comes out. That is why if it goes through, the stated intent of the law will FAIL, but law-abiding consumers will still have permanently lost rights and privacy because of it.

I create content too, but giving an American corporation the ability to take down my website with a simple email is something I cannot tolerate.


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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